Game-changing X-ray Innovations Behind Revolutionized Medical Imaging

Published July 13,2022

Successive advancements in X-ray technology and X-ray equipment have sparked exponential changes for the medical imaging industry and by extension, the healthcare sector. Yet, despite these innovative shifts throughout the previous decades, there remains a “blindspot” in terms of addressing the prevalent need for flexible X-ray imaging solutions that offer:

  • Low-dose exposure
  • High-resolution images
  • Large area scope


Join us as we indulge the “techies” in our midst as we explore some of the most exciting ‘now and coming’ in advanced X-ray developments.

Stat about MRI equipment

 Rad using VR to view medical images

AI and VR Adoption

The increasing incorporation of computer technology by way of artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), wearable devices, etc. is resulting in tremendous improvements in the quality of delivered healthcare, including the X-ray equipment being developed.

X-ray machines equipped with AI-powered augmented reality enables the extraordinary advantage of generating real-life simulations that can grant clinicians key, valuable insights exceeding the realm of human sensory perception, translating into more in-depth, accurate, and quicker diagnoses.

From breast cancer screening to cardiovascular diagnostics to radiological training, AI and VR techniques are playing transformative roles in advancing medical imaging via exceptional accuracy enhancements, real-time analytics, communication advancements, and dynamic automations.

3D xray


3D Radiography

Traditional X-rays are incapable of displaying the fine detail of soft tissue of the body’s organ system. However, in leveraging CERN’s sensor chip technology, researchers have developed a 3D scanner designed to produce 3D color X-ray images with the advanced ability to outline a patient’s soft tissues, disease markers as well as their bones and lipids.

These innovative 3D scanners are expected to revolutionize diagnostics and treatment for various fields such as orthopedic surgery, vascular disease, bone and joint health, rheumatology, and cancer.


xray innovation equipment


Digital Radiography

A common requirement for healthcare providers exploring advanced X-ray technologies is a lowered radiation exposure risk. Thankfully, the several exciting advancements in recent years in digital radiography – the “digitized cousin” of the X-ray, so to speak – address this need as well as bolster the reduction of retakes.

These next-generation developments in digital radiography include AI-aided X-ray interpretation, dual-energy imaging, and automatic image stitching. They are fundamental in ensuring improved image quality, enhanced patient care while fostering exceptional patient outcomes.

Dark field xray


Dark-Field X-Rays

Utilized by a team of researchers at the Technical University of Munich, dark-field X-rays are a novel X-ray method initially designed for early detection regarding respiratory diagnostics. This dynamic discovery centers around a unique phenomenon in relation to visible light and the principle of dark-field microscopy.

Where conventional X-ray images (generated by the depletion of the X-rays as they pass through the body) are unable to display detailed discrepancies between healthy and diseased tissue, dark-field X-ray images (leveraging the inherent wave characteristic of X-ray light) offer a comprehensive visualization of object structures that otherwise would be invisible or transparent in conventional X-ray imaging.

Equipped with dark-field X-ray images outlining such fine detail, clinicians are able to fast-track their determination and diagnostic processes, resulting in remarkably improved turnaround times and quality of patient care.

Dark-field X-rays offer an optimal solution in decreased radiation dosage as they require significantly less exposures to patients (one exposure per patient pertaining to dark-field chest X-rays) versus the numerous multi-directional images typically captured (e.g., in computed tomography).


As the field of medical imaging continues into the 21st century, emerging X-ray technologies are advancing the operational and quality standards of X-ray production, enabling healthcare providers to administer the best in responsive, value-based healthcare to their patients.

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