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Take control of your healthcare journey with the ultimate, user-friendly companion. Enjoy seamless self-scheduling, secure information sharing, AI chatbot support, convenient voice recognition, and more.
Say goodbye to
Delayed care
Tired of spending hours on hold or waiting indefinitely for responses? With Blume, you can self-schedule appointments based on your preferences and manage appointment requests with ease. No more delays or missed opportunities for timely care.
Lack of Communication
Don't let unanswered questions leave you in the dark. Blume empowers you with cutting-edge chatbot technology, allowing you to ask any medical question and receive quick, accurate answers. You can also chat with your doctor directly for personalized guidance and support.
Limited access or
Fragmented Records
Gain seamless access to your medical images and determine the status of your scans. With access to our comprehensive medical information hub, ensure that nothing falls through the cracks!
Tedious paperwork and
billing records
Say farewell to time-consuming paperwork and billing hassles. With Blume, you can leverage our advanced voice recognition technology to effortlessly dictate and complete reports, and automate your billing schedule with just one click!
Limited mobility
Where you are in the world or what technology you have shouldn’t hinder your access to your healthcare information. Blume is available for both Android and iOS devices, allowing you to download the app via Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Stay informed and connected, no matter where life takes you.
Patient Access to Images
A gateway to effortless access to invaluable medical images, empowering you with the knowledge and autonomy to take control of your medical experience!
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Secure, seamless medical image sharing
Experience seamless sharing of your medical images while our cutting-edge technology safeguards your data with the highest level of care.
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Self Scheduling
Escape the hassles of tedious phone calls and administrative hassles! Experience the ultimate convenience of our self-scheduling feature, enabling patients to easily schedule their doctor’s appointments online in just a few clicks.
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Chat with Doctor
Connect with doctors effortlessly through our secure chat functionalities, facilitating convenient and timely interactions. Empower yourself to ask questions, seek clarifications, and receive personalized guidance.
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Blume AI Assistant
Have a question? With the implementation of the AI-powered chatbot technology, patients can ask questions and receive quick, plain-language answers about medical imaging procedures such as MRIs, Ultrasound exams, PET/CT scans, and more.
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journey with blume today
Start your
healthcare journey
with blume today
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