RamSoft delivers quality software and services to its customers, all while meeting regulatory compliance. Learn more about our quality management system, quality policy, and certifications.

Quality Management System

Our QMS is regularly audited by a registrar –SGS– to certify

our compliance to MDSAP ISO 13485:2016

requirements including Canadian regulations and FDA’s quality system requirements. RamSoft’s quality management system also complies with the European Union Medical Device Directive.

Quality Policy

❝RamSoft is committed to innovate while maintaining the effectiveness of our Quality Management System based on ISO 13485, allowing us to deliver software and services that exceed the expectations of healthcare professionals and enabling better patient care.❞

Vijay Ramanathan, CEO

Regulatory Compliance


Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act

Personal Information Protection and Electronic
Documents Act
*Canadian Federal Privacy Law

Our Certifications

RamSoft MDSAP certification: ISO 13485:2016

SOC 2 Type II Certified

Surescripts Certified

ICSA Labs certified – Complete EHR,
Ambulatory Phase I and II
* ONC Health IT Certification Program

Canada Medical Device Regulations(CMDR) Medical Device Class II License number 97571

(Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise)

Quality Assurance Policy Principles

Executive management will ensure that the quality policy is appropriate to the purpose of the company, and includes a commitment to comply with the requirements of both customers and regulatory authorities and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system. The quality policy will provide a framework for establishing and reviewing the policy for adequacy and suitability on a regular basis while ensuring that the quality policy is communicated and understood within the company.

It is important to note that the above quality policy discusses maintaining the quality management system. The use of the word maintaining is taken to mean not only the maintenance of the existing system but ensuring that the system is maintained in accordance with the requirements of applicable regulatory authorities. This policy ensures that RamSoft’s quality management system meets not only the requirements of our users but also all legal requirements in the countries where RamSoft conducts business.

Resources & Conformance Statements

We take standards compliance very seriously here at RamSoft. That’s why we follow strict quality assurance protocols when developing our products to exchange, integrate, share, and retrieve patient data from 3rd party vendors. View our conformance statements and resources for more information.