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20 X-Ray Jokes to Tickle Your Funny Bone

Published December 10,2021

After an exhausting day in the world of radiology, whether that be seeing patients, reading studies, or being in the middle of your residency, there is nothing like some funny X-ray jokes to relieve some of the stress from your day.

From struggling with workflow bottlenecks to limited connectivity between disparate EMR systems to the ever-increasing patient demands on healthcare resources, radiologists and other healthcare providers need a good laugh as well as innovative EMR consolidation solutions.

Many studies show that laughter helps to decrease stress hormones and relieve physical tension. We know that being a healthcare worker is highly stressful and it is important to take care of your mental health. While you’re doing your job and working hard to save patients’ lives, we want to let you know that we appreciate you!

With that in mind, we have curated the most hilarious jokes about or related to radiology. Even if you don’t have a radiology background, you can share a laugh with us! Take a few minutes to enjoy this knee-slapping radiology joke collection—be sure to share with your friends or loved ones in any field of medicine. Here are 20+ radiology memes certain to ease your stress:

1. Calculated

Some call it a lucky accident and some call it purely skill, either way you should consider purchasing a lottery ticket if this happens to you:

the office x ray joke radiology

Credit: Posted on Reddit by @didgey100 


2. Radiological Anxiety 

Radiological anxiety is real and can hit you at any point, even before you sleep:

radiology funny meme

Credit: Posted on Reddit by @didgey100


3. X-Ray When You’re in Love

Have you ever felt butterflies in your stomach when you fall in love? If so, this would be your X-ray:

x ray joke when you are in love


4. X-Ray Selfie!

Someone’s got to say it… “Let us take a Skelfie!”. Here’s a tip: radiologists should start using Skelfies as their profile pictures…

radiologist selfie joke


5. A Radiologist’s Luck in a Nutshell

Good thing the first one was for comparison anyway…


Credit: Posted on Reddit by @Mickturd


6. CAT Scan Time!!!

After a little power nap, Dr. Meow is here to take care of patients’ CAT Scans.

cat scan radiology funny

Credit: Posted on Reddit by @hanaconda15


7. When You Must Repeat Your Hand X-Rays

We all know W.C Röntgen, the founder of the X-ray, from a page in the history of radiology. Everybody makes mistakes in their life, that is what makes us human. Still, do you feel that you have failed Mr. Röntgen when you must repeat a taking of an X-ray?

meme about history of radiology

Credit: Posted on Reddit by didgey100


8. Radiologists on Black Friday

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Radiologist Black Friday Shopping cart


9. I Found This Humerus

There is always humor in all professions. But when it comes to radiology, it becomes more “humerus”. If you find this blog post humerus so far, follow our social media accounts for more rib-tickling pictures every Friday!

found this humerus joke design


10. It Is a CAT SCAN!

Some radiologists use the term “CAT” more often than using “CT”. We know that you know CAT as “Computed Axial Tomography” or “Computerized Axial Tomography”, but this picture demonstrates otherwise…

radiology funny picture cat scan


11. That CT *GLOW* Up

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t hope this would happen to us after our CT scans. I couldn’t help but think about all the money I could save on electricity. Think about all the electricity one could save…also, this would take being “lit” to another level!

radiology funny meme glowing

Credit: Posted on Reddit by @didgey100


12. A Non-Perfect Match

We know we’re not the only ones who wished they had X-ray vision as children. No? Just us? Okay, fine.

radiologist and radiographer joke


13. Radiology Assumptions

Radiology is not easy, but it’s a gray-t job!

chest x ray funny meme


14. A Day in the Life of a Radiologist

The “radiologist at dinner” part is inaccurate as there doesn’t appear to be a screen there. So, it can’t be true!

a day in the life of a radiologist meme

Credit: Posted on Reddit by @didgey100


15. A Radiologist’s Selfie

Another great X-ray joke! Ever wondered what a radiologist’s selfie would look like? Now you know.

radiologist meme about taking selfie


16. Got to Start Somewhere

They will get the hang of it, eventually. In the meantime, let’s go grab a cup of coffee, get some breakfast, maybe even take a nap. Then, the X-ray should be done by then, right?

first year student x ray joke

17. As Kanye Sang, “How Could You Be So hHeartless

There was always something missing between us! I could feel it in my heart.


Credit: Posted on Reddit by @didgey100


18. A Radiologist’s Best Friend?

They say a dog is a man’s best friend, but we have never seen a dog operate an MRI machine…

Cat scan x ray meme


19. History Lesson

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20. Are You Still burning CDs?

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stop burning cds radiology joke

End of our X-ray jokes for now. Make sure to bookmark this page as it will be updated frequently. Stay tuned for more radiology jokes!