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Top 3 Reasons to Switch to RamSoft’s Cloud RIS/PACS in 2020

Over the last decade, RamSoft, a top medical imaging software provider has continued to innovate and improve remarkably thereby making it possible for radiologists to provide a more accurate patient diagnosis. In addition, our workflow automation has made the end-to-end imaging process easier, faster and more efficient.

However, the gap of seamless data exchange within the healthcare system still exists. Therefore, for care continuity, healthcare practices need to adopt systems that facilitate true interoperability.

The goal today is to provide patients and caregivers with secure access to imaging data for improved health outcomes.

Here are the top 3 reasons for you to switch to RamSoft’s PowerServer™ Cloud RIS/PACS in 2020:

    1. Interoperability:  Being a responsible solution provider, RamSoft is focused on making connected healthcare achievable. To facilitate the seamless flow of patient data between systems, we have incorporated the latest FHIR standards into our solutions. We embrace both EMR integration and open access to imaging data for improved healthcare outcomes. Our in-house integration team carefully assesses your requirements and designs custom workflows to optimize your operations.


    1. Data Accessibility: Our cloud-based solutions enhance data accessibility which makes it convenient for your remote radiologist and referring physician to collaborate on patient diagnosis. Our zero-download viewer, RapidResults™, allows referrers to view patient images in real-time. This reduces turnaround times and patients benefit from a quicker diagnosis. Also, our patient portal gives patients access to view and share their reports with the referring physician. Quicker access to reports allows patients to get treatment sooner thereby saving precious lives.


    1. Data Security: An IBM report stated that data breaches cost $150 per record lost or stolen, but do we realize the ramifications of a patient’s stolen identity? At RamSoft, we believe that patient data protection is part of patient care. Our cloud-based solutions help you mitigate the risk of data theft, ransomware, natural disasters, etc. Also, with real-time data backups on the cloud, patient data is available to you if an incident occurs.


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