Simplified Disc Burning

RamSoft Introduces a Cost-Effective Solution for Simplified Disc Burning

Toronto, ON — November 22, 2016 — RamSoft has integrated with Primera’s Bravo Disc Publisher to simplify the disc burning process. This simplified workflow follows an easy, two-step procedure, which eliminates labeling errors: Step 1) Select the patient’s studies via their worklist and Step 2) Click the Disc Burning icon. The Bravo Disc Publisher will automatically select a blank disc, burn the patient’s studies onto the disc, and then label the disc.

“Providing support for Primera’s Bravo Disc Publisher enables RamSoft customers to take advantage of a high-quality disc production machine at very affordable pricing,” says Al Kappel, RamSoft’s Sales Director.

Primera’s Bravo Disc Publisher is a cost-effective solution for any size facility.

About RamSoft

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