RamSoft Relaunches Radiology Software Community

RamSoft Unveils a New Community Portal to Continue Empowering Customers

Online Radiology Community is Now Faster and Easier to Use

RamSoft Inc. a healthcare IT company focused in radiology solutions is thrilled to announce the redesign of RamSoft’s Community Portal. Continually striving to improve communication and save customer’s time, the RamSoft team is always looking for ways to provide customers a great end-user experience by providing online tools at their fingertips.

“RamSoft’s Community was implemented to continue empowering all end users (radiologists, IT staff, PACS administrators, front desk staff, etc.,) so they can easily find solutions, learn and master its applications. Customers looking for support can open a case in a matter of seconds and also track/monitor all of their cases, use the online chat feature and go through the RamSoft e-Learning courses and earn PowerServer™ Pro badges, plus much more.”

“The relaunch of RamSoft’s Community truly symbolizes how dedicated we are to problem solving and making the lives of our customers better while utilizing RamSoft’s platform, products and service,” says Marilyn Solano, RamSoft International Sales Director. “Saving our customer’s time is always top of mind and RamSoft’s Community is one more way we achieve this. We are committed to customer satisfaction. We want our customers to see the return on investment right away, not just through our RIS/PACS solutions, but by giving customers the tools they need to continue supporting the end users after they have implemented our product.”

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