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We’re more than just a team—we’re a dynamic
At RamSoft, we transcend the conventional notion of a team. We are a close-knit family, bound by a shared passion for transforming healthcare and making a profound impact on lives.
Why work with us?
Empowering Lives
At RamSoft, we are driven by the desire to improve the heatlhcare journey for patients and providers. Your work will directly contribute to saving lives and making a positive impact on countless individuals.
Growth Opportunities
We take value in the company and its people growing together. We ensure the tools and tech stacks our teams use are continually updated to reflect the latest technology.
02Growth Opportunities
Relevant training opportunities
Company-sponsored courses for professional development
Up-to-date coding software
Personal devices development
Perks and Benefits
Ramsoft recognizes your worth through competitive compensation packages that recognize your contributions.
03Perks and Benefits
Comprehensive benefits package and healthcare spending account for your well-being
Engaging company socials and events to foster camaraderie and celebrate achievements
Flexible work arrangements to support work-life balance
Referral bonus program to reward you for bringing talented individuals to our family
Innovative Culture
Join a team that embraces innovation and is constantly pushing boundaries. We provide a nurturing environment where new ideas are encouraged, and creativity thrives.
Gaurav Lala
Vice President of Support
I am very grateful to be part of the team at Ramsoft that has the vision, the willingness and the drive to take on the vital task of improving the healthcare journey for patients and providers. Everyday brings new challenges, and I’m grateful to learn and work with such a passionate team.
David Casetellano
Regional Sales manager
I am so proud to be part of our global innovative team! Our main purpose of saving patient lives is the driving force behind all our energies, inspiring us to empower our customers. It’s been incredibly satisfying to build relationships with different healthcare organizations, their doctors, clinicians, executives, and administrators, and support their growth into the future.