meet ramsoft


3 decades of expertise where cutting-edge technology meets compassionate healthcare.
How do we seek to accomplish this?
Our Mission: Empower lives through universal access to life-saving imaging
Relentless Pioneers
At RamSoft, we are relentless pioneers in imaging innovation, constantly seeking new avenues to facilitate seamless communication among healthcare providers and achieve exceptional outcomes.
Always Curious
With our ever-curious and intelligent team, we revolutionize healthcare one image at a time!
Our vision is where exceptional care is universally accessible to every patient.
With our innovative technology, we are dedicated to transforming this vision into a reality...
Revolutionizing the landscape of healthcare.
The Inception
RamSoft was founded: The visionary Dr. Ramanathan co-founded RamSoft alongside his son, and our amazing CEO, Vijay Ramanathan
The Innovation
Imaging software innovations: In just a decade, Vijay and his brother Siva, our esteemed CTO, masterminded the creation of 100% web-based PACS and teleradiology solutions. Their ingenious solution revolutionized the field, ensuring seamless access and efficient healthcare delivery
The Development
In-house development arsenal: We assembled a team of industry-leading minds to craft our cutting-edge solutions including:
Gateway DICOM router
The single database PowerServer RIS/PACS
Breast cancer tracking tool Stana
The Expansion
Entering the global market: We embarked on a global expansion, as we had established ourselves as a leader with 1000+ users spanning across North America, LATAM, Southeast Asia, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East.
The Partnership
Microsoft Gold partnership, Azure: We partnered with Microsoft to offer our customers the cloud’s enhanced data security, cost effectiveness, and scalability.
The Celebration
25th anniversary: We’ve come a long way! From enhancing our solutions, to building new partnerships, to growing the strength of our team. The progress we have achieved reflects our relentless pursuit of excellence, propelling us towards a future where healthcare technology knows no bounds
The Ecosystem
150+ happy customers on cloud: The adoption of our cloud solutions has skyrocketed, as we successfully transferred the majority of our on-premises customers to the cloud. This rapid migration showcased the trust and satisfaction our clients have in our cutting-edge solutions
The Release
Product Releases and Milestones
Essence BI: cloud-based intelligence tool
Omega AI: Enterprise imaging platform
Omega AI VNA: Enterprise VNA
Acquired Mediff Technologies – a PACS and teleradiology provider
The Enhacement
Captivating providers with Omega AI VNA: At HIMSS 2022, we captivated healthcare providers with our latest solution, Omega AI VNA, offering seamless data sharing and interoperability, empowering healthcare organizations to optimize workflows and enhance patient care through advanced imaging and radiology solutions.
The Artificial Intelligence
Harnessing AI: RamSoft unveiled an enhancement to their medical imaging patient app, Blume. Powered by ChatGPT’s AI chatbot technology, the new feature allowed patients to receive quick, plain-language answers about various medical imaging procedures, promoting better patient understanding and engagement.