Unified Worklist

A Powerful Organizational Tool

With our unified worklist module, most fields are accessible within a few clicks; and if that’s not sufficient, our customizable query builder engine enables users to build almost any worklist without the need for programming or SQL knowledge. This capability coupled with the PowerServer workflow engine enables the unified worklist module to cater to any workflow situation imaginable.

Feature Highlights

Set alerts for STAT reads

Within the unified worklist, administrators can create custom alerts for studies that require immediate attention based on the status of the patient in the workflow. This feature can be used by all departments and is extremely valuable to radiologists for alerts on STAT reads.

Our unified worklist module is one of the most powerful worklist solutions available on the market today.

*Included in PowerServer™ RIS/PACS, PowerServer™ PACS, PowerServer™ TELE PLUS, PowerServer™ LITE PACS