Single Sign-On

Streamlining User Access Management

Single sign-on or active directory, stores all information and settings for a “domain environment” in a central database, and allows administrators to automate the management of the network, users, and distributed resources from a centralized location. For RamSoft users, it means that system administrators can manage user access and permissions in one place instead of making the changes in different portals.

Feature Highlights

Change Permissions in One Place

Benefits of Adding RamSoft Servers to an Active Directory Domain

When a facility decides to incorporate a RamSoft PowerServer onto their network, they are granted many beneficial features that can improve operations. Assigning the PowerServer to a domain’s active directory applies it as a secure node that abides by all permissions for that network. Access to the server is granted only to authenticated domain users.  As a result, the accessing/routing of all medical studies becomes even more secure and further strengthens the compliance to HIPAA standards. In addition, user administration becomes centralized and a role assigned to the domain admin, narrowing the PACS administrator’s focus onto client and study management. With the allocation of duty well defined, where RamSoft user accounts are handled by the network administrator and the RamSoft system management is taken care of by the PACS administrator, the appropriate amount of expertise can be applied to each individual area.

Benefits of RamSoft Active Directory Integration

Integrating active directory with RamSoft creates a single set of credentials needed to access both the corporate network and the RamSoft platform. This simplifies both the user experience, as well as system administration. Adding, removing, and updating user accounts can be done from active directory instead of from both databases.

*Optional Add-on for PowerServer™ RIS/PACS, PowerServer™ TELE PLUS, PowerServer™ PACS