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Mammography Software

We offer mammography software solutions for breast imaging facilities, hospitals, and women’s clinics at an accessible price. Interpret mammograms and perform mammography tracking in just one system with our comprehensive breast imaging solutions. Explore some of the many mammography software features and tools included in select RamSoft products.

Feature highlights

Breast imaging solutions in one system

There’s no need to scale up products to get access to certain mammography features. They’re all included in our PowerServer™ products with mammography and Gateway™ Viewer Mini PACS with a mammography add-on.

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Robust step protocols

Our hanging protocols allow you to quickly review your cases at an uninterrupted pace. View images exactly the way you prefer including single click sliding protocols, multi-year display protocols and multi-modality protocol support. We make it simple for your radiologists to work more efficiently.

Single click prior study viewing

Display prior exams automatically per hanging protocol preference. For patients with multiple years of priors to review, we offer single click cycle display of comparisons.


We offer tomosynthesis support so you don’t have to rely on a 3rd party vendor to view tomo images. Some noteworthy features include image navigation, an adjustable Cine loop speed tool, and applying area enhancement to the volume while in Cine mode.

Historical priors simultaneous view

Get the full picture with the multi-year display protocol. See the corresponding view across several years of priors all at once.

Mammography cancer tracking simplified with Stana™

Stana™ is available as an add-on for PowerServer™ RIS/PACS and PowerServer™ TELE PLUS.

MQSA compliance

Stana™ is designed for FDA MQSA compliance. It includes reports built in for MQSA auditing, so all you have to do is print them out for the auditor at the time of a facility audit.

Automated data capture BI-RADS tracking

Mammography reporting doesn’t get any easier than this. Capture BI-RADS, breast density, and recommendations through template pick lists or voice recognition commands that automatically updates in our optional Stana™ mammography tracking system to ensure the data is tracked per patient mammogram.

Mammography reporting templates

Radiologists can save plenty of time in their reading day not having to search for and insert report macros with RamSoft’s built-in report templates. These templates can open automatically on the modality or study level.

Technologist workflow tools

Technologists can quickly and easily communicate vital information to radiologists completely paperless. Our built-in interactive breast diagram allows them to note any breast concerns and markers as they would using a paper form. They can also include clinical notes and comments digitally to communicate additional information for the radiologist to view while interpreting the exam.

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