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Enterprise Imaging Platform

The start of endless possibilities

Make your vision for healthcare a reality with OmegaAI, our enterprise imaging platform.

Give your patients the care they deserve

Data silos and technological barriers within healthcare slow down the delivery of timely patient care. These challenges are all too familiar in the industry – but we’re not ones to accept the status quo.

Omega AI enables true interoperability within and beyond your healthcare enterprise. The platform was built to enable universal access to patient care, regardless of the user’s location.

To stay true to our goal of enabling seamless exchange of data, healthcare organizations can use Omega AI to build their own apps or incorporate its capabilities into their existing apps.

Most importantly, the platform came to life with the purpose of improving patient care and outcomes worldwide. That’s the core of OmegaAI.

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The tech backbone

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OmegaAI is a cloud-native platform built on Microsoft Azure. Unlike other cloud-based solutions, our medical image exchange platform is readily  scalable,highly cost-effective, and fuels rapid deployment of applications. It also supports the latest standards that drive healthcare innovation – FHIR and DICOMweb.

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FHIR R4: Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources are the latest standards developed by HL7 to facilitate secure and seamless exchange of electronic health records between practices with the purpose of expediting patient care. OmegaAI is compliant with FHIR R4, the latest maturity model.

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DICOMweb: This is the DICOM standard for web-based medical imaging. As an implementation of the DICOM protocol, DICOMweb provides a lightweight mobile device and web browser friendly mechanism to access and transmit digital images over the internet in a secure and efficient manner.

No matter how big or small your healthcare organization is, OmegaAI was designed to power it.

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Note: Omega AI is currently only available for the U.S.