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A modern take on enterprise imaging exchange

OmegaAI SHARE expedites patient care by eliminating the need for repeat exams and burned CDs.

Simple and seamless sharing

Patient reports are displayed in Omega AI Share

See patient images and
right away

Get instant access to patient images and reports that are in OmegaAI. Find this data in just one spot, regardless of where your patients have completed their exams within your enterprise. 
Embrace the freedom of not having to burn CDs and retrieving images from different organizations.

access healthcare information with any device

View images on-the-go
– no download
ing required

E-mail secure links to physicians to invite them to view images. Physicians can access images on the device or browser of their choice. 

Once they have access to view images, the physician can just type in a patient’s name to see the results they received from any medical facility that’s connected to OmegaAI.

RamSoft's healthcare AI shares information across all devices

Versatility at its best

OmegaAI SHARE can be used for multiple purposes, like sharing images with legal personnel. 

Anyone who needs to view an image – such as lawyers – gets instant access. 

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Revolutionize your organization


An enterprise VNA for seamless image exchange. Includes AI Master Patient Index, advanced workflow automation, and much more.

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Note: OmegaAI is currently only available for the U.S.