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Cloud imaging solutions

Future-proof your practice with our cloud imaging solutions. RamSoft maximizes the capabilities of Microsoft Azure’s cloud platform to offer healthcare practices top-notch security and performance. Boost your ROI and win back time to focus on what’s important – delivering exceptional patient care.

It’s time to debunk these cloud myths

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No problem. Let’s find out what makes sense for your practice.

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Get ready to take a leap in revolutionizing your practice with top-notch data security and storage, seamless automation, and incomparable workflow streamlining. Let us show you the astonishing possibilities awaiting you with our Cloud Services.
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Being on the cloud comes with these perks

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See your ROI soar. Cut costs related to on-site servers, hardware, and staff.

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Your data is secure. Our partnership with Microsoft Azure means it’s monitored 24/7.

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Support is included in our cloud pricing model – if you need us, we’re here for you.

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Never worry about downtime. We guarantee 99.9% uptime of your cloud server.

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Cloud Imaging Solutions

The all-in-one single database RIS/PACS that eliminates interfaces, streamlines your workflow and improves turnaround time.

The robust PACS with advanced visualization and reporting tools. Easily integrates with your existing RIS/HIS/EMR/billing solution.

The budget friendly PACS tailored for small to mid-sized imaging facilities.

Ideal for teleradiology, our 100% web-based solution enables radiologists to read from anywhere.

How an imaging practice bounced back after a ruthless ransomware attack

Have questions about our cloud solutions?

If you choose on-prem deployment, you would be responsible for supplying and supporting hardware, connectivity, security, OS updates and patches, secondary hardware and data back-up, VPNs, back-up power supply and 24/7 support of your equipment.

With a hosted option, you don’t have to do any of the above as RamSoft and Azure will handle all those responsibilities while providing 99.9% guaranteed up-time, enhanced security, and unlimited data storage to support your growth.

Depending on your in house security capabilities, your data may actually be safer in the RamSoft cloud rather than inhouse. RamSoft utilizes advanced tooling and has a very mature security posture for its hosting environment. Your solution is also completely segregated from typical vectors of compromise. Rest assured that your data is solely yours even when stored on RamSoft’s server. We never participate in any data selling activities.

Both RamSoft and Microsoft have solutions for all practices, regardless of size. In fact, a smaller practice would benefit quite well. Usually, small practice resources are spread very thin and on-site server costs really affect budgets. By accounting for all costs associated with an on-prem solution, i.e. hardware, on going labor, outages, etc. moving to the cloud can actually save you money over time. The cloud also eliminates the high hardware refresh costs every 3-5 years. In fact, many smaller practices have chosen us for cloud-based solutions exactly because RamSoft takes on all management & security functions. This allows your practice to focus on serving customers.

We have a variety of ways to transition you to the cloud. We need to have a conversation with you to understand your current environment, and then we can offer the best transition plan possible. Please contact us to set up that call.

It’s quite the opposite since we’ve added server-side rendering where images are rendered at the cloud server and streamed to the workstation, much like Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube.

The easiest way is to provide them access to RapidResults™. RapidResults™ is a versatile portal where referring doctors can view their images and radiology reports. RapidResults™ is also browser and device agnostic, so a physician can walk into an exam room with a Microsoft Surface, iPad, or Android device and review images and reports with patients quickly and easily.