Appointment Reminders

A Way to Improve Patient Engagement

Introduce a simple and quick way for your patients to confirm or cancel their appointments. With this RamSoft feature, electronic instructions and reminders can be sent to your patients about their appointments.

Feature Highlights

Healthcare Scheduling on Autopilot

RamSoft customers can send electronic instructions and reminders to patients, via email, text, and voice, regarding their imaging appointment. This helps increase patient satisfaction, cuts down no-shows, and eliminates scheduler/front desk inefficiencies. Patients can confirm and/or cancel their appointment in a simple process.

After the appointment, a customizable survey can be sent, empowering RamSoft users to gather key performance indicators (KPIs), and collect data to help improve their practice.

*Optional add-on for PowerServer™ RIS/PACS, PowerServer™ TELE PLUS

**Check-In Notifications

Manage patient volumes effectively with our automated reminders and check-in notifications. Preventing crowding at your practice helps create a comfortable environment for your patients.

On the day before — An automated email/SMS reminder is sent to patients with instructions to wait in their car or outside your facility until check-in.

On the day of — When you’re ready to see the patient, an SMS is sent asking them to check-in for their imaging exam.

**This add-on feature is available for PowerServer™ RIS/PACS only

“We have also seen a change at the front desk – fewer calls, and follow-ups needed – freeing up the scheduler to tend to other tasks.” (Lauren Raabe, Scheduler at Welch Road)