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3 Pro Tips for Choosing a New RIS/PACS System for your Hospital

Hospitals are mini-cities that function inside towering buildings with hundreds of patients coming and going on a daily basis. It can be a struggle to retrieve the right approvals to expedite critical patient care – which for many emergency room cases, can mean lives lost.  While physicians expect to receive data in a timely fashion, patients too become stressed when results are taking too long.  Archaic and outdated RIS/PACS software systems remain the primary cause.

There are many debates administration and physicians have – should we build our own systems? Should we have a cloud-based solution? What’s most cost-effective?  Before you make a decision that impacts both patients, providers, and your physicians, consider these top three tips when choosing a new RIS/PACS solution for your hospital:

1) Building your own system may help keep things in-house, but ownership becomes an issue. 

When physicians learn about purchasing a new system, they often worry about the spend.  It always comes down to the dollar amount. The IT costs for maintenance and support will easily go up once you’re developing this system on your own. Plus, many physicians may complain that they’re not getting enough IT support from their facility currently.  So who takes charge of overhauling and resourcing of this project? Software must be kept up to date, will you always have the staff required to do so?

2) Adding a cloud option to your solution takes a burden off staff. 

A cloud-based RIS/PACS solution for your hospital can keep costs low and provide more time to focus on patient care. Thus, ultimately increasing ROI by making up cost in time and frustration from working to make systems and vendors cross-communicate.

3) An all-in-one solution can enable your hospital system to streamline workflows more than ever before.

With an all-in-one solution, applications can run entirely on one screen without having to minimize and jump from one screen to another. A solution like this can reduce manual data entry, increases consistency, and optimizes your radiology workflow.


At RamSoft, we build our products with industry experts – like you, in mind.   With our PowerServer™ RIS/PACS solution, our customers receive an intuitive, single database application that enables healthcare practices to reach their maximum potential in delivering high-quality diagnostic operations, real-time database backups, increasing patient referrals and more.

With PowerServer Cloud, users can now maintain secure access to remote imaging facilities via three encrypted solutions that can be used individually or simultaneously for maximum security.

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