RamSoft management team

Enabling universal access to imaging to save patient lives

Teamwork makes the dream work; and together, we’re dedicated to developing and delivering the most innovative medical imaging software solutions for clients worldwide. Get to know the masterminds behind RamSoft.

Vijay Ramanathan President and Chief Executive officer
Vijay Ramanathan, President and CEO

Vijay co-founded RamSoft with his father in 1994. While pursuing his BASc. Computer Engineering, he and his brother Siva created the first version of RamSoft’s medical image management software.

Siva Ramanathan Chief technology officer
Siva Ramanathan,
Chief Technology Officer

Siva graduated with his BASc. Computer Engineering on the Dean's Honor List and is popularly known as our software guru at RamSoft. 

Michael Durrant Chief Operating Officer
Michael Durrant,
Chief Operating Officer

Michael has an MBA and is PMP and Agile certified. With over 15 years of management experience – in which 10 of them were in healthcare IT...

Viji Ramjani
Viji Rajamani, Chief Financial Officer

Viji is a Chartered Accountant and CPA who has extensive work experience in all areas of the finance domain.

Jamal Ahmed Director of Operations ramSoft India
Jamal Ahmed, Director of Operations

Jamal is our Director of Operations. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and has over 16 years of experience in the contact center industry in various domains related to telecom, insurance, automobile, and e-commerce.

Laura Di Labio HR Manager
Laura Di Labio,
Director of People & Culture

A post-graduate certificate in Human Resources Management, 10+ years of HR experience across multiple industries, and exceptional people skills make Laura the right fit to lead our HR department.

Prashant Naidu
Prashant Naidu, Director of Sales

Prashant is a healthcare evangelist who drives digital transformation with his 27+ years of deep and transformative experience in healthcare and technology.

Anuj Kumar
Anuj Kumar, Head of Engineering

Anuj is an entrepreneur at heart with more than a decade of experience in product management, innovation, development...

Mark Kornas Director of IT and Security
Mark Kornas,
Director of IT and Security

Mark is the head of our IT and security landscape. His bachelor's degree in IT Management backed with 10+ years of IT experience in highly regulated industries...

Guarav Lala Support Director
Gaurav Lala, Director of Support

Gaurav's education in BSc. IT Management along with 15+ years of experience in healthcare IT and in customer service makes him the best person to answer your technical support questions.

Lely Lam Hong Quality Assurance Director
Lely Lam-Hong, Director of QA

Lely brings over 15 years of expertise in developing quality and engineering management systems along with his MBA in International Business and Management of Technology.

Carlos Quintero - Director of Implementation
Carlos Quintero,
Director of Implementation

Carlos has over 20 years of experience in managing, directing, and supporting IT of medical imaging facilities. 

Rudy Tobar Finance director
Rudy Tobar, Director of Finance

With over 15 years of experience in business management, Rudy evaluates the financial health and viability...

John Winkel, Director of Project Management

John has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a minor in IT and over 20 years of experience in hospital and practice radiology.

Mariel Aranda Blackaller marketing manager
Mariel Aranda-Blackaller, Marketing Manager

An avid learner, Mariel is the proud owner of multiple educational degrees — Bachelor in Marketing, Masters in Administration and Masters in Digital Art & Animation.

Simon Cruz Support Manager
Simon Cruz, Support Manager

Simon has been providing technical support to RamSoft customers for over 10 years.

Valerie Ezzell Customer Experience Manager
Valerie Ezzell, Customer Experience Manager

With over 15 years of experience in clinical radiology and healthcare IT, Valerie heads our Customer Success department and ensures that RamSoft's customers experience a successful journey.

Oscar Santos Information Security Officer
Oscar Santos, Information Security Officer

Oscar is our Information Security Officer and is responsible for supporting and improving RamSoft’s security program.

Deeksha Shukla Compliance officer
Deeksha Shukla, Compliance Officer

Deeksha holds a PGDBA along with 8 years of compliance and internal control experience in various industries.

Banbury Wong Product manager
Banbury Wong, Product Manager

Having been a part of RamSoft's product team for nearly 15 years, Ban understands the ins and outs of our products.

Ethel Zammit partner manager
Ethel Zammit, Partner Manager

Ethel is a former healthcare professional in medical imaging with a CPHIMS-CA designation and an MBA.