6 Interesting Facts about the History of Teleradiology

Published February 16,2018

Teleradiology overcomes barriers such as geographic location to improve medical services. Today, with access to the internet and teleradiology solutions such as RamSoft’s medical imaging SaaS innovations like its pioneering Imaging EMR, OmegaAI, users can read from anywhere, enabling patients to receive care despite where they live. But the history of teleradiology spans longer than the adoption of the internet. The history of teleradiology starts with the beginning of telemedicine and begins as early as the 1930s. Although, not where you would expect:

  1. The history of telemedicine starts on an ocean liner
  2. Airport travelers were the next ones to receive care
  3. Circuit television was experimented with but deemed too expensive.
  4. Even by the early 1980s teleradiology still only used mail.
  5. The first open standard for digital storage of medical images failed.
  6. But would eventually become what we know as DICOM today

A second version of the standard was released referred to as ACR/NEMA V2.0 in 1988, which saw images Transmission via a dedicated 2 cable (EIA-485). And by 1993 the third edition of the standard was released to what we know as DICOM today. Support for this version of the standard network contributed to making teleradiology genuinely possible.

In 1994, the American College of Radiology (ACR) published its first standard for teleradiology. By the late 1990s, several pure teleradiology companies had formed and been finding great success.

And RamSoft was one of them. Without the innovations of the past, the world’s first Imaging EMR, OmegaAI, would not exist today. The internet and current software capabilities allow practitioners to increase access to patient care. And with its proprietary cloud-native, serverless design ideal for teleradiology, RamSoft indeed marks the next step in the history of teleradiology.


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