4 Ways RamSoft Cloud Solutions Gets You Results

Upgrading to RamSoft Cloud Solutions™ saves you both time and money by eliminating several tasks that waste resources. Reduce stress that comes from managing your own IT and enjoy peace of mind by hosting your data in the cloud.

Think of all the factors your IT team must take into consideration when hosting your RIS/PACS data:

• Are you protected against fires, floods, tornadoes, and any natural disasters?

• What about theft?

• How robust is your firewall?

• Do you have a plan if you are hacked?

• If you have a strategy when was the last time you tested it?

These projects take time but are all completely necessary to keep patient’s data secure; protecting your patient’s privacy is essential for driving patient care. Moving your RIS/PACS data to the cloud provides you with operational freedom, so you can focus on growth and spending time with patients. Here are four ways RamSoft Cloud Solutions™ will save you time and money:

1. Eliminate the need of your IT department to manage your RIS/PACS architecture, which saves your organization money by decreasing overhead costs by not wasting resources on backup failures, avoiding purchasing software and equipment, and not having to manage operating system updates. Each one of these tasks is handled by your cloud solution, giving you peace of mind

2. Reduced Implementation – Time is money! We eliminate lengthy implementation times associated with upgrading your current server, application upgrades and the set up of your in-house solution. What this means is you can take advantage of your investment – you will be up and running in half the time than an on-premise option.

3. Fast support response – RamSoft support can access our cloud environment faster and easier than an on-site customer server, so you can spend less time on the phone and more time with your patients.

4. Stop worrying about data backup and recovery – Hosting your data in the cloud enhances your teams business continuity plan.


RamSoft Cloud Solutions™ has existed for 7+ years now. With the increased workload IT departments face these days, RamSoft cloud offers peace of mind to enable them to focus on more critical tasks. RamSoft provides professional services to assist in the migration of your existing RIS/PACS data.

• If you are an existing RS customer, we will migrate your PowerServer™ data at no extra charge

• RamSoft has flexible licensing options that work for you.

• 1TB of storage is included with additional storage available at reasonable monthly fees.

One the benefits of moving your RIS/PACS data to the cloud is that you will no longer have to be concerned about the maintenance of your hardware – no RIS/PACS it management is needed. RamSoft Cloud Solutions offer unrivaled performance, redundancy, while maintaining exceptional accessibility to all end users. You can enjoy peace of mind by hosting data in cloud.

Learn about the advantages of moving your RIS/PACS to the Cloud in this webinar hosted by industry expert, Al Kappel.

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