How to Unwind on your Next Business Trip

Traveling on business can be exhausting and at times, even lonely. These things combined can start to take a toll on your health; but with the right attitude, your travel blues can easily be reversed, and your health? Improved. With that said, here’s how to make the most of your free time on your next business trip:

1. Socialize

As a business person, socializing is not only beneficial to your career, but to your health as well. In fact, studies show that socializing improves cognitive sharpness and deters mental diseases. According to the psychologist, Oscar Ybarra, a researcher at the Institute for Social Research, “simply talking to other people, the way you do when you’re making friends, can provide mental benefits.” So, don’t be a homebody (or well, in this case, a hotel-body) and get out there and socialize. Who knows? It could lead to your next big opportunity, a lifelong friend, or significantly improved cognitive abilities.

2. Listen to Music

Studies show that listening to music boosts your immune system by reducing levels of cortisol in your body. Cortisol, which is popularly known as “the stress hormone,” is often to blame for a weakened immune system, increasing the risk of heart disease, interfering with learning and memory, and lowering bone density. But with the help of something as enjoyable as music, you can kiss cortisol goodbye. In fact, listening to as little as 50 minutes of uplifting music increases your level of antibodies. Who knew all those days of attending concerts, partying to good music, and jamming to the radio were actually beneficial to your health? Rock on!

3. Have a Drink

If the fountain of youth does exist, then it’s probably flowing with red wine. Drinking red wine in moderation can help protect your heart by keeping blood vessels flexible. And believe it or not, but alcohol, in general, has been shown to harbor beneficial properties towards health. In fact, studies referenced by the American Heart Association noted that “when the data from 51 epidemiological studies were combined, they showed that the risk of coronary heart disease decreased by approximately 20% when 0 to 2 alcoholic drinks were consumed per day.” A 12-year study was also referenced by the American Heart Association, which suggested that “1 to 2 drinks per day, 3 to 4 days per week decreased the risk of having a heart attack by as much as 32%.” It’s important to note that as with everything, alcohol should be enjoyed with moderation.

The recipe for good health and fun on your next business trip is composed of three simple ingredients: socializing, good music, and alcohol in moderation. Lucky for the frequent traveler, all of these things are often available in one place. To be in the right place, at the right time, conduct a simple Google search to find a spot that suits your interests. You might even stumble upon an event that’s associated with the conference you’re attending. Happy traveling!


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