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Service Level Agreement

Last updated 2018-09-12


  • Regular Support Hours: 24×5 from Sunday 10pm to Friday 10pm inclusive Eastern Time, excluding observed major holidays
  • Emergency Support Hours: 24×7; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Software: RamSoft manufactured software including patches, software updates, and software upgrades
  • Hosted Platform: Infrastructure provided at data centers by RamSoft to support Software
  • Hardware: Hardware on which software is operating on, excluding Hosted Platform
  • 3rd Party Software: Software not manufactured by RamSoft
  • Error: Verifiable and reproducible failure of Software to conform to specifications excluding: failure of end users to follow RamSoft documented operating procedure, failure that occurs due to misconfiguration of software or 3rd party software by end users; failure that occurs due to an error in 3rd Party Software; failure that occurs due to an error in Hardware
  • Critical Function: Functionality without which RamSoft software is not usable
  • Resolution: Solution that enables that corrects or eliminates any major adverse effect of an error through a change in operating procedure, configuration, patch, software update, software upgrade, or repair to Hosted Platform
  • Patch: One or more updated software files from RamSoft to resolve an error
  • Software Update: New Software from RamSoft that may introduce new functionality, but is intended to resolve Errors
  • Software Upgrade: New Software from RamSoft intended to offer significant new functionality, but may also resolve Errors

Hosted Platform Uptime Guarantee*

RamSoft guarantees 99.99% infrastructure availability of your cloud server. In the event your cloud server is unavailable, except during scheduled maintenance, RamSoft shall provide a credit equivalent to one full day of charges for RamSoft hosted platform services for each 15 minutes of down time, beyond the first 30 minutes after you report the issue to RamSoft. This guarantee is not applicable if the unavailability is caused by issues outside of RamSoft’s control. The maximum such credit issued in any given month shall be equivalent to one full month of charges.

*Guarantee may not be applicable if Customer has not accepted Software Updates or Software Upgrades offered by RamSoft to fix Errors.

Service Levels

P1 Systemwide issue blocking patient care with no workaround

  • Reporting Method: Emergency Support is available via telephone & Live Chat during Regular Support Hours, and via telephone only otherwise
  • Response Time: One hour
  • Updates from RamSoft: Every four hours
  • Resolution Time: 48 hours
  • Work Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

P2 Issue impacting patient care

  • Reporting Method: Community Portal, Live Chat or telephone during Regular Support Hours
  • Response Time: Next business day
  • Update from RamSoft: Every week
  • Resolution Time: Two weeks
  • Work Hours: Business hours

P3 Software is usable with minor errors

  • Reporting Method: Community Portal, Live Chat during Regular Support Hours
  • Response Time: Two business days
  • Update from RamSoft: As available
  • Resolution Time: Next software update
  • Work Hours: Business hours

P4 Cosmetic errors in software or documentation

  • Reporting Method: Community Portal
  • Response Time: One week
  • Update from RamSoft: As available
  • Resolution Time: Next software update
  • Work Hours: Business hours

3rd Party Software

RamSoft support will help identify and resolve issues with 3rd party software that disrupts the use of RamSoft software. After investigation, if RamSoft support determines that there is an issue with 3rd party software that is independent of RamSoft software and not a direct result of RamSoft’s integration, then the end user may need to contact the 3rd party vendor directly for further support. In general, 3rd party vendors will not accept support requests from RamSoft on behalf of end users.

Billable Services

Examples of billable requests include but are not limited to:

  • Interface Field Mapping Changes
  • Status Messages/Workflow Updates
  • IP/Port Changes to Interface or VPNs
  • DICOM Script Creation/Updates
  • Custom Essence Reports
  • Custom Database Queries and Database Related Requests
  • Password Resets

Please note billable service requests will be fulfilled only during normal office hours in the order they are received.