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Cloud imaging solutions

Future-proof your practice with our cloud imaging solutions. RamSoft maximizes the capabilities of Microsoft Azure’s cloud platform to offer healthcare practices top-notch security and performance. Boost your ROI and win back time to focus on what’s important – delivering exceptional patient care.

It’s time to debunk these cloud myths

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No problem. Let’s find out what makes sense for your practice.

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We’ve been cloud advocates for over 10 years. Why? Because by using the best cloud infrastructure, we ensure healthcare practices have next-level security and a streamlined workflow. After placing over 150 customers on the cloud, there’s no scenario we can’t handle.

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Being on the cloud comes with these perks

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See your ROI soar. Cut costs related to on-site servers, hardware, and staff.

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Your data is secure. Our partnership with Microsoft Azure means it’s monitored 24/7.

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Support is included in our cloud pricing model – if you need us, we’re here for you.

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Never worry about downtime. We guarantee 99.9% uptime of your cloud server.

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Cloud Imaging Solutions

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