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Post-Installation Services

Get to Know Our Post-Installation Services

We offer applications and clinical training, backup option plans, and round the clock support to ensure your post-installation experience with RamSoft runs as smoothly as possible.

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A Wise Investment

for a Well-Run Facility


Applications and Clinical Training

Facilitate a Smooth Product Transition

Our application specialists provide training specific to the roles and needs of each user within a facility. We offer individual and/or group training sessions to facilitate a smooth transition into each new production environment. Training clinical users is the key to earning a large return on investment from any digital solution. Our Professional Services team will train your staff to use our digital imaging solution efficiently and effectively to maximize its inherent benefits and increase staff productivity.


RamSoft e-Learning University

Become a Certified User of RamSoft’s Software Solutions

Our e-Learning University is a web-based, on-demand environment for educating clinicians on RamSoft’s software solutions. With over 22 courses, covering over 100 software procedures, our courses are perfect for those who require a refresher course on certain features or need to learn a complete application.


RamSoft Backup Option Plans

High Performance Redundant and Fault Tolerance Solutions

Data redundancy and fault tolerance are extremely important considerations when it comes to your organization’s patient data. As such, we’ve developed a seven-tiered backup plan for virtualized server environments. Depending on your facility’s needs, our backup plans range from one, being our VNA plan—developed as a safeguard for disaster recovery situations—to seven, being our Diamond Plan—developed to provide the highest performance and redundancy solution for customers.


RamSoft Support

Cut Downtime and Increase Profits

Our Customer Support team is available Monday – Friday, 6AM – 10PM EST. We also provide 24/7 emergency support for customers that are under the RamSoft Support Agreement.

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