RIS/PACS for Radiologists

Is your RIS/PACS keeping up with your Radiologists needs?

In the world of radiology, technology is continuously evolving. For Radiologist that do remote reads and on-site radiologists – it can be a challenge to find the right RIS/PACS solution that will keep up.  Workflows change as new partners are added or new clinics are contracted for reads.  Workflows become stagnant, systems miscommunicate, and data errors occur due to manual data entry.  You’re adaptable and flexible, so why shouldn’t your technology be?

It’s no question that modern-day technology is changing the way a radiologist reads or even – where they read.  More and more practices are looking for solutions that automate more processes, provide more functionality, and partner with the best to keep everything all inclusive.

By choosing a RIS/PACS solution that is designed as one, on the cloud,  and provides the best healthcare technology partners in the industry, your team will have a competitive advantage.

RamSoft’s PowerServer™ RIS/PACS not only does all of the above, but it is also bringing business intelligence tools like Essence™ for analytics reporting. It streamlines patient and imaging outcomes. It also brings in a feature called SmartRendering™ — minimizing turnaround times and meeting your bottom line. Decision makers start to see a return on investment shortly after the initial install.

Radiologists at your practice that conduct after-hours and weekend readings for hospitals and urgent care centers won’t be held up with slow download times, updates, or manual data entry. They won’t have to worry about database back-ups, limited seats, or a stagnant PACS system. They are saving you time, money, and IT resources.

At RamSoft, we’ve designed with you in mind. By building an all-in-one single database solution with a cloud option that consistently pushes the limits.

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