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RamSoft’s New Business Intelligence Tool Lets Practices Visualize Their Data Easily

TORONTO, ON – RamSoft is pleased to announce the launch of Essence™ BI, a new cloud-based business intelligence tool. As Essence™ BI allows practice owners and managers easy access to their data, they can quickly understand how their practice is performing and make informed decisions to drive business improvements.

Essence™ BI provides users the ability to get a clear overview of how their practice is performing through a dashboard with highly visual and interactive reports. Users can pull and see data within specific areas – such as the number of studies performed by facility or modality – in a modern and user-friendly interface.

Essence™ BI allows practice owners and managers to view their data in a dashboard with visual and interactive reports.

For even greater insight into their practice, users can drill down their data all on one screen. “Built with Microsoft’s Power BI platform, Essence™ BI provides next-level business intelligence that scales to your needs. Whether you are a small practice or large enterprise, Essence BI provides easy-to-use tools enabling business performance insights, KPIs and more,” said Al Kappel, Director of Global Sales at RamSoft.

In just a few clicks, Essence™ BI users can see their practice’s overall financial performance. For example, the billing report shows an overview of the charges a facility has made. Users can see charged amounts by radiologists, as well as RVU technical and RVU professional amounts.

In a separate report, users can view a breakdown of the monthly charges that each of their modalities bring in. To keep tabs on how their practice is performing, users may opt in to receive e-mail notifications to view their reports at the frequency of their choice. They can also export reports to Excel to get access to their underlying dataset to create custom reports there. These features are just some of the several that are available in the business intelligence tool.

Essence™ BI is available for PowerServer™ RIS/PACS, PowerServer™ PACS, and PowerServer™ TELE PLUS customers on cloud or on-premises models. To use Essence™ BI, users just need an internet connection and a compatible browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Safari.

The initial rollout for Essence™ BI will be in the U.S. After that, Essence™ BI will be available in select countries.

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