RamSoft Showcases Time-Saving Software Solutions at HIMSS 2017

Toronto, Ontario—March 9, 2017—RamSoft showcased five innovative features worth noting at HIMSS 2017. These five features work to optimize the workflow of specific tasks to save radiologists valuable time, improve patient care, and accelerate productivity.

“After 23 years in the PACS business, 2017 looks to be one of RamSoft’s best years yet. Our expertise in optimizing workflows with the support of features such as our Unified Worklist has made RamSoft a leader in the healthcare IT industry and the company of choice to many large practices across the nation,” says Greg Smith, RamSoft’s Regional Sales Manager.

1. Unified Worklist
RamSoft’s Unified Worklist was of peak interest at HIMSS 2017. When reviewing studies from multiple sites, it simplifies the radiologists’ workflow by consolidating their study information to a single worklist. This study information includes the image viewer, hanging protocols, and reporting workflow.

2. DICOM MP4 Video
Another useful feature demonstrated at HIMSS 2017 was RamSoft’s DICOM MP4 Video. It saves the radiologist time by automatically converting MP4 videos to DICOM format when uploading them to RamSoft’s PowerReader. This feature works a lot like Netflix in that it streams DICOM videos to any device through RamSoft’s software.

3. Primera’s Bravo Disc Publisher
The third feature introduced at HIMSS 2017 was Primera’s Bravo Disc Publisher. RamSoft integrates with Primera’s Bravo Disc Publisher to simplify the disc burning process. It prevents labeling errors and saves valuable administration time by following a streamlined process.

4. Peer Review
RamSoft’s Peer Review enables radiologists interpreting a current study to easily score a relevant prior report and automatically submit it to their existing ACR RADPEER account. This workflow not only simplifies the review process, but it also helps to satisfy ACRJCAHO, and CMS quality assurance accreditation requirements.

5. Accelerated Drag Scrolling
RamSoft’s Accelerated Drag Scrolling is the fifth feature worth noting. It allows radiologists to quickly scroll through images with the left click of their mouse, saving them valuable time and increasing efficiency.


About RamSoft
RamSoft is a leading healthcare IT software and services company, dedicated to creating and delivering award-winning medical imaging and radiology solutions. We develop fully customizable, feature-rich imaging workflow solutions for healthcare providers, enabling them to master day-to-day challenges.



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