RamSoft Partners with OpenDR to Minimize Patient No-Shows and Increase Productivity

Want to automate appointment confirmations and minimize patient no-shows? RamSoft has you covered.

OpenDR is a service provider that sends electronic instructions and reminders to patients, via email, text, and voice, regarding their imaging appointment increasing patient satisfaction, cutting no-shows, and eliminating scheduler/front desk inefficiencies. Patients can confirm and/or cancel their appointment in a simple process.

After the appointment, a customizable survey can be sent, empowering RamSoft users to gather Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and collect data to help improve their practice.

The RamSoft and OpenDR integration exemplify how RamSoft dedicates itself to delivering: a better user experience, workflow automation and another way to drive patient care.

To learn more about RamSoft’s integrations, get in touch with a RamSoft Expert today.

*Available in PowerServerRIS/PACS

With 20+ years of experience in creating radiology, we’re dedicated to innovating and producing award-winning, fully customizable software solutions. We aim to help save lives through innovate design, outstanding support, and heartfelt effort while offering the very best to our customers. Our products help to accelerate productivity, stimulate business growth, automate radiology worklists that work for user’s needs, which features:

  • One-click integration with virtually any EMR
  • Unlimited users, modalities, and facilities
  • Built on cutting-edge, single database platform technology
  • 100% web-based

About OpenDR

OpenDR is a team of seasoned technologists, designers, and strategists, who are obsessed with utilizing the right technology to bring a great patient experience to the healthcare industry.

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