RamSoft Introduces New CT Dose Module

A Powerful Solution to Ensure Imaging Facilities Meet CT Dose Regulations


Toronto, ON—June 28, 2016—With the increasing public and regulatory concerns surrounding imaging-related radiation exposure and the recent CT dose regulations implemented in California, Connecticut, and Texas, RamSoft has integrated with Scannerside to introduce a powerful solution: the CT Dose Module. Through real-time radiation dose tracking, analytics, and reporting, RamSoft’s CT Dose Module enables healthcare facilities to comply with regulations, practice medical imaging more responsibly, and improve patient safety measures.

“RamSoft’s CT Dose Module was designed to maximize workflow automation, while complying with Joint Commission requirements. In addition to its JACHO compliant dose registry, its equipped with the capability to seamlessly pull information from CT dose report screens and bookmark the values right into the radiology report, thus saving time for the radiology staff and eliminating data entry errors” —Luke Bideaux, RamSoft’s Clinical Applications Manager.

The CT Dose Module is a 100% cloud-based system that allows you to evaluate usage protocols, compare rates against national averages, supply patients with easy-to-understand printouts, automate dose reports, streamline exam workflow, and more.


For additional information on Ramsoft’s CT Dose Module, visit: www.ramsoft.com/features/ct-dose-module.


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