Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD)

RamSoft, Radiology Solutions for Everyone, Celebrates Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD)

RamSoft Celebrates Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD)

As innovators in web radiology, RamSoft is thrilled to honour Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). The purpose of GAAD is to spark a conversation about how digital experiences can be made more inclusive for those who have different abilities.

Here’s how the RamSoft Team has designed the system to be accessible for all users.

  1. RamSoft supports a dark theme and light theme to suit different users’ working environment, which helps those who experience eye strains.
  2. RamSoft developed a customizable color scheme for our worklist for those who have experience colour-blindness.
  3. We support Dragon/M*Modal voice recognition for Data Entry and Reporting, which assists people with situational requirements such as working on the go without a mouse or with a small screen device.
  4. RapidResults™ offers touch mode. With a tablet, users can utilize the software, increasing ease-of-use for everyone.

In the radiology software industry, RamSoft creates customizable solutions that cater to any organization, workflow and user’s preferences. The flexibility inherent in RamSoft’s software includes the user experience as well. Always putting our customers first, the RamSoft team builds and designs solutions that empower every user.

RamSoft creates solutions for radiology and in this specific industry, there are different types of users with unique roles and responsibilities who face particular challenges. Roles from the front desk to PACS administrators to radiologists performing reads, each require a user experience that is specifically designed to meet their needs. That’s precisely why RamSoft sees it necessary to honour this day. There are many kinds of people who use our software, and it’s important to us to equip them with tools that assist them in getting their job done – effectively.

Our job is not only to save lives, but also to make our products accessible to all users.

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