RamSoft Announces PowerServer PACS 4.5 to be Displayed at RSNA 2007

Toronto, ON September 21, 2007 – RamSoft announced today that it will be releasing version 4.5 of the PowerServer PACS at RSNA 2007. This will be the third release under the company’s new Customer Action Initiative (CAI), an internal program aimed at customer centric software improvement and development. Attendees will also get a glimpse of RamSoft’s new product which will be announced in the coming months.

“The response to our Customer Action Initiative Program (CAI) has been overwhelming, the users have greatly appreciated the efforts of our team, and we are just getting started. Our client’s response and the dedicated-innovative approach of our team are the cardinal driving forces of this initiative”, said Vijay Ramanathan, President & CEO, RamSoft Inc.

The countless major and minor enhancements were driven by a strong and dedicated user base to ease repetitive day-to-day tasks. By closely working with their clients, RamSoft is not only ensuring customer satisfaction but also future proofing their product line.

“We do not aim to add just another customer to our portfolio; our endeavor is customer satisfaction; and delivering what users dream of, is our aspiration”, said Michal Szabla, Vice President, RamSoft Inc. “This release will be a milestone and I invite our user community to have a look at it at RSNA. Its focuses on enhancements recommended by the existing users as well as value added features which we were challenged by some new customers. I am glad that we accepted the challenge and our team strove to fulfill it.”

The following are the core new features offered in the coming release:

Report Faxing
Faxing is an integral part of any imaging enterprise. That is why it is an integral part of the workflow engine; not just an after thought. With that in mind, distributing reports is as simple as setting up a status-based fax distribution list. Once that’s done, faxes are sent out automatically and can accommodate both preliminary and final reports to multiple locations.

Study Bookmarks
Book marking makes switching and revisiting studies a breeze. A book-marked study will be saved exactly the way it was left; saving you time switching between studies in critical situations.

Enhanced Dictation and Transcription
The newly enhanced dictation and transcription package will streamline workflow by allowing facilities to dictate and transcribe one report for any number of related studies.

Scriptable Routing Rules
PowerServer’s routing will be more robust than ever thanks to a new scriptable routing engine; making the creation of complex rules to route or modify DICOM data accessible even to novice users.

New Patient Explorer
An all new patient explorer enables anyone to create/view/edit patient documents and demographics from one neatly organized interface; reducing lost time due to misplaced information.

Voice Notes
Voice notes allow users to create voice recording denoting important information about an exam. These notes are separate from the report dictation recording and greatly improve communication between staff working on the same case.

New Integration
PowerServer’s workflow engine will be fully integrated with TeraRecon AquariusNET, iCAD, EMC Centera, and Dictaphone PowerScribe.

PowerServer PACS updates and upgrades are available at no additional charge to all clients under a support agreement. This customer focused approach ensures that users have access to new features and enhancements as soon at they are available.

About RamSoft
RamSoft is a leading healthcare IT software and services company that is dedicated to creating and delivering award-winning medical imaging and radiology solutions to its clients in the U.S. and around the world. The company’s goal is to enable imaging facilities, radiology centers, ambulatory and acute-care practices to offer a superior level and quality of patient care with the affordable and feature-rich PowerServer™ Series of PACS, RIS/PACS, teleradiology, and patient information management systems. A free 30-day trial of RamSoft’s DICOM Gateway Router software, built on the same platform as RamSoft PowerServer PACS, is available at www.ramsoft.com.

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