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RamSoft and PatientPal Team Up to End Front Desk Problems at Imaging Facilities

RamSoft partnered with PatientPal to offer customers a holistic solution that saves front-desk staff the hours of redundant work by automating everything right from patient intake forms to appointment reminders, to insurance verification, and payment collection.

TORONTO, ON – Born as a product and company in their Boston-based medical practice, PatientPal is revolutionizing the front desk processes at imaging facilities. Front desk processes are lengthy and time-consuming because of their linear design. The time frame between scheduling a patient to payment collection typically takes weeks or months. With PatientPal, the entire process can be completed in as little as a day. “The moment a patient is scheduled, PatientPal triggers the intake forms, insurance verification, out-of-pocket calculation, and payment collection.” — Adam Vartikar, CEO, PatientPal.

How PatientPal and RamSoft work together

Developed as an application, PatientPal seamlessly integrates with RamSoft’s PowerServer™ RIS/PACS, and works in the background to digitize paperwork, send appointment reminders, retrieve and validate pre-authorizations, and calculate and collect the full out-of-pocket amount for imaging practices. “We are pleased to announce this partnership with PatientPal as their products enhance the workflow of our customers, providing improved care for their patients.” — Al Kappel, Director of Global Sales, RamSoft.

Explaining how this new process is a win-win for practices and patients, Adam Vartikar said that, “PatientPal communicates the out-of-pocket expense to patients before they check-in. Patients appreciate price transparency and you can collect 100% of the patient responsibility before or at the time of service rather than having a collections agency step in.”

Another important patient-centric aspect that PatientPal has taken care of during this time of the COVID pandemic is contactless check-ins. Patients can complete the intake form at home and check-in on their mobile phone.

“Ever since the pandemic, there’s been a growing demand for contactless check-in solutions. Thanks to PatientPal, we can now offer it our customers,” said Al Kappel.


About RamSoft

RamSoft offers the leading Cloud RIS, PACS, VNA, Zero-Footprint Viewer, DICOM Routing and Teleradiology software, enabling you to leverage the latest technology, while eliminating capital costs. Built using cutting-edge, single database technology, our radiology, mammography, and enterprise imaging software enables practices to optimize their workflow, cut costs, and overall, improve patient care.

About PatientPal

PatientPal is the industry leader in radiology patient engagement and administrative automation. By bidirectionally integrating with doctors’ EMRs, PatientPal makes the process easier, more efficient, and more transparent for patients by making the workday less stressful for clinicians. PatientPal automates appointment reminders/confirmations, intake/consent documents, insurance eligibility/benefits, out of pocket cost estimation, and patient responsibility collection. We believe in providing patients with a mobile-first medical experience where they can schedule, register, understand their insurance plan, and pay their bills from the palm of their hands.

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