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11 Hobbies for Radiologists to Explore in 2023

Although it is not so obvious to the general public, the lives of radiologists are intense. They spend long hours sitting, focused, isolated, and feeling pressured by their workload.

The last thing a radiologist needs after a day’s work is to sit down and watch yet another screen! That’s why we compiled a list of hobbies specially designed to move, let your imagination fly, have fun and socialize.

To Create

Modeling with clay or plasticine

Modeling is a very complete hobby, as it stimulates spatial intelligence, fine motor skills, and creativity. Materials are easy to find and affordable. Some clays require firing in the oven (kiln) and others take their final shape at room temperature. Modeling tools come in convenient kits for beginners and experts.


Gardening not only results in a beautiful natural space, but taking care of another living being is very satisfying! Additionally, it is an excellent opportunity to move and explore one’s imagination. It is not necessary to renovate an entire garden—one corner can make all the difference.

Inventing drinks

Whether it’s hot or cold, a comforting drink is always welcome. Smoothies, tea blends, cocktails, hot drinks, and milkshakes are delicious options. Making creative combinations awakens our senses of aroma and taste. This process can be a lot of fun if shared with someone.


Art is an excellent tool of expression and an escape valve to convey our emotions. Some people don’t want to practice hobbies that require a lot of installation because they have limited time. However, watercolors now come in many styles, including brushes that contain the paint, allowing you to get down to work with very little effort.

Photography Technology allows us to take good quality photos even with the mobile phone. All that is needed is a point of view of our own and focus our attention on something that attracts one’s attention. This hobby is very rewarding and can be carried out either individually or in the company of others.

Getting Around

Dance It doesn’t matter if you have coordination or not, dancing lifts your spirits and is an effective method of exercise. This hobby is especially recommended to counteract a full day in the chair. It is not necessary to mention the health benefits—we would be preaching to the choir! All it takes is music and letting go.

Stretching and breathing One of the best ways to relax the body after spending an entire day in a chair, no matter how ergonomic, is to stretch and breathe. There are those who enjoy doing yoga and those who prefer only to do a few minutes of stretching and push-ups. Any option is valid and useful. To start any exercise habit, it is important to have a flexible mindset and consider that it is not necessary to do complete routines every day—it is better to move a little than not to move at all! Breathing not only helps with relaxation, but it also brings the mind into the present moment and reduces stress.

To Discover

Redecorate and illuminate spaces The environment around us impacts our mood. Personalizing our space with decorations or lighting can improve the environment significantly. Adding indirect light, LED lights, photographs, plants, or art to a room are just some ideas to transform a space. There are many ideas in magazines and on the internet to inspire you. The process is fun and the result most rewarding.

Explore new places Sometimes there is a place we would like to know, but we just don’t take the time to experience it. A good weekly or monthly challenge to undertake may be to explore any new places, from cafes to nature parks or museums. Discovering new things can also lead us to meet new people and value our community more.

Spontaneous calls or visits Routine, stress, workload, and other distractions can isolate us from the people we care about. We all have loved ones that we haven’t seen for a while, but that we would like to contact more often. Making a habit of contacting one of those special people each week and spending time chatting, paying them a spontaneous visit, or arranging a chat at a café to catch up, can nourish our hearts in ways that other hobbies cannot.

Read a fiction book Why fiction? Because it ignites the imagination and provides a pleasant escape from the everyday…even for a few moments. It’s very much like watching a movie without looking at a screen! There are websites that recommend good books that appeal to a variety of preferences, and there is also the option of forming a book club. Non-fiction books are also a nice option. For radiologist-specific reading recommendations, check out radiology books article. 

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