Tomosynthesis Support

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis

Our robust image viewer is equipped with tomosynthesis support, which enables radiologists to view, route, and archive 3D breast tomosynthesis studies generated from virtually any tomosynthesis manufacturer.

Feature Highlights

Advanced Imaging Support for Digital Breast Tomosynthesis

Digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) is 3D imaging technology that acquires images of a stationary breast from multiple angles during a short scan. The images are then transferred to the PACS where the slices are reconstructed into a 3D volume. The advantage of breast tomosynthesis over traditional 2D breast imaging is that reconstructed tomosynthesis slices reduce or eliminate the problems caused by tissue overlap and structure noise. However, to view, route, and archive these 3D images, radiologists require a system that supports tomosynthesis.

*Included in PowerServer™ RIS/PACS, PowerServer™ PACS, PowerServer™ TELE PLUS, PowerServer™ LITE PACS, Gateway™ Viewer Mini PACS with mammography add-on