Smart Pre-Fetch

Better Matching of Priors for Better Quality Reads

With RamSoft’s smart pre-fetch, users can securely pre-fetch relevant priors based on any search criteria, further improving productivity and quality of reads.

Feature Highlights

Automated Pre-Fetching

User-defined automation for pre-fetching of relevant priors from DICOM is now possible. This advanced feature allows you the flexibility of matching priors based on patient ID, study description, modalities, etc. unlike other providers that offer only body part match. In addition, you can define the maximum number of studies as well as the period for which you want the studies to be retrieved.

To ensure security and operability, this feature has been developed as an external script. So, you can define the pre-fetch rules and make changes without affecting other interfaces.

Available for PowerServer™ as well as other PACS or VNA that have DICOM query send/receive capabilities.