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Pricing model for PACS software and RIS/PACS solutions

RamSoft’s pricing models give you the flexibility to decide what works best for your practice. Take a look below to see what’s included in each plan.

RamSoft’s fair pricing model for PACS software and RIS/PACS solutions

With our fair pricing, you’ll always be guaranteed the best value for your money. We offer two pricing models that give you the flexibility to choose what works best for your practice.

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Cloud Model

This model is the most preferred by our customers. The fee is based on a minimum monthly study volume. When your monthly study volume increases to the next tier, the fee would go up incrementally. The tiers go up every hundred studies. Software support and hosting service i.e. servers, backups, and networking in the data center, are bundled in the cost per study.  

Subscription Model

This model works best for customers who host their servers in a third-party data center or have servers on-premises. The fee is based on a minimum monthly study volume.

When your monthly study volume increases, the license fee will be upgraded as per your new monthly study volume. Software support is bundled in the cost per study.

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Category Cloud Subscription
Software Licensing Monthly Subscription fee Monthly Subscription Fee
Pricing Licensing Based on Monthly Study Volume Based on Monthly Study Volume
Support Fees Included Included
Hardware Servers, backup, and networking in data center hosted on Microsoft Azure and maintained by RamSoft Customer purchases and maintains servers and backup hardware
Storage/Cloud Monthly storage fee per T.B. Backup on Microsoft Azure available
Support type RamSoft supports software & cloud server RamSoft support on software
Service Level Agreement RamSoft guarantees 99.9% infrastructure availability of your cloud server RamSoft guarantees software availability excluding downtime due to hardware/equipment

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Check out some of our most frequently asked questions to get the answers you’re looking for. 

No, you won’t be charged a dime. RamSoft provides unlimited users at no charge. You’ll never have to worry about incurring user licensing fees when adding staff to your practice.

Each integration is different. Depending on the scope of the integration, it could take anywhere from a day to a couple of months.

For instance, integrating Dragon and M*Modal takes a day or two as RamSoft has an existing plug-in for integration. Meanwhile, integrating with a billing platform could take 30 to 90 days depending on the complexity of what the 3rd party requires.

RamSoft highly recommends using a cloud platform due to its safe, secure, scalable and redundant storage capabilities. With a cloud platform, you won’t have to spend exorbitant money on equipment, IT staff, outsourced IT, and management of your on-premise servers. You also don’t have to worry about refreshing hardware every 3-5 years.

Good news! With RamSoft you’ll never pay additional license fees to add another facility, modality or user to your RamSoft PowerServer™ solution. Go ahead and grow your practice with our transparent pricing.

Both RamSoft and Microsoft have solutions for all practices, regardless of size. In fact, a smaller practice would benefit quite well. Usually, small practice resources are spread very thin and on-site server costs really affect budgets. We are seeing most of our new customers that are smaller opting for our cloud service. Our existing customers with on-site servers are migrating daily.

You will still be performing PACS admin functions like creating users, deleting users, and adding new modalities. Rest assured; we will be with you every step of the way to assist with any challenges you may have.

We have many teleradiology customers who receive images from different hospitals and imaging centers all around the world. These teleradiology groups have report turnaround time expectations written in their contracts with these hospitals and imaging centers. This all requires extremely fast image transport, otherwise they will not meet their committed times.

Early on, we recognized this and developed technologies like our Gateway™ DICOM Router and caching algorithms to address this. We’ve evolved even further by adding server-side rendering where images are rendered at the cloud server and streamed to the workstation, much like Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube.

You never want to send PHI using any unsecured method like Gmail for instance. There are many ways for RamSoft customers to get images to their referring physicians. The easiest way is to provide them access to RapidResults™. RapidResults™ is a versatile portal where referring doctors can view their images and radiology reports. RapidResults™ is also browser and device agnostic, so a physician can walk into an exam room with a Microsoft Surface, iPad, or Android device and review images and reports with patients quickly and easily.

Moving to the cloud is not difficult, especially since we have a variety of ways to transition you to the cloud. We need to have a conversation with you to understand your current environment, and then we can offer the best transition plan possible. Please contact us to set up that call.

Our platform is built so that you have access to your PowerServer™ via the internet, regardless of your deployment (our Azure cloud, a data center of your choice). If you are connected to the internet, you can use RamSoft.

We offer flexible deployment models for our PowerServer™ products. Our software subscription can either be installed on a server located at the facility or installed in a data center. Whether you have chosen the hosted or on-premise option, the end-user will have a similar experience using the software regardless.

However, there are many reasons to choose RamSoft PowerServer™ Cloud, hosted with Microsoft Azure. Some of the benefits include 99.9% guaranteed up-time, enhanced security, and scalability for easy growth. If you choose on-premise deployment, you would be responsible for supplying and supporting hardware, connectivity, security, OS updates and patches, secondary hardware and data back-up, VPNs, back-up power supply and 24/7 support of your equipment. RamSoft will provide support for our software. With a hosted option, you don’t have to do any of the above as RamSoft and Azure will handle all those responsibilities and more.

RamSoft is built for a Windows environment. However, our zero-footprint viewer RapidResults™ can be used on all types of operating systems, as it uses HTML5, like macOS, iOS, Android and Windows devices. Our business intelligence tool can also be accessed on those devices.

PowerServer™ is highly customizable to meet any workflow challenges imaging practices of today might face.

We can spin up a virtual server in our Azure cloud and have software installed in a matter of hours. Other factors such as, scope of the project, data migration, integrations, number of connected facilities, training will shift the go-live accordingly. Small sites that don’t require any migration of existing data or integrations can be ready for go-live in 30 days. Gateway™ routers and Mini PACS are even faster to install.