Provide Your Physicians & Patients Access to Share Images in a Snap

Offer referring physicians and patients a secure and convenient way to view images and reports. With QR SNAP™, you can include a QR code that embeds the study images within your reports or it can be printed separately for patients instead of burning CDs. Recipients just need to scan the QR code to view the images and reports on their device.

Feature Highlights

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Fast-track Patient Care With This Complimentary Feature

Save time and money with QR SNAP™. Physicians can view patient images and reports immediately by scanning the QR code conveniently located on your reports.

Our QR codes make image sharing easy for patients since they can view and share their images and reports at their convenience.

It gets even better. QR SNAP™ is included in most of our PowerServer™ suite of products. Plus, there’s no need to download software or create users and passwords – just use QR SNAP™ to start sharing images faster than burning CDs!

*Included in PowerServer™ RIS/PACS, PowerServer™ PACS, PowerServer™ TELE PLUS