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Introducing, Gateway™ Mammo Viewer Mini PACS

A Complete Mammography Workstation

Get to Know Gateway™ Mammo Viewer Mini PACS

Not only is Gateway™ Mammo Viewer Mini PACS FDA 510(k) cleared and IHE mammography profile compliant, but it also comes equipped with iCAD and Hologic CAD support. It includes features previously available only in dedicated mammography workstations, with the flexibility of a multi-modality radiology workstation. Available as a software-only solution or a bundled 3 or 4 monitor workstation, Gateway™ Mammo Viewer Mini PACS is competitively priced so you can get a complete workstation up and running at your site for under $35K.

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Increase Productivity and

Maximize Results

Why Gateway™ Mammo Viewer Mini PACS? 

Gateway™ Mammo Viewer Mini PACS provides unmatched functionality, flexibility, and superior data management, even in the most demanding production environments. Here are a few more reasons why your practice will benefit most from our comprehensive standalone solution:

  • Learn protocol layouts based on mammo view

  • Customize viewing protocols for each radiologist

  • Multi- monitor support (up to 4 diagnostic monitors)

  • Routing with our powerful Gateway™ DICOM® router

  • Vendor neutral archiving (VNA)

  • Unlimited worklists & users per workstation

  • Licensing per workstation


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DICOM Routing Capabilities

Gateway™ Mammo Viewer Mini PACS includes a built-in DICOM router engine to simplify the process of sending and receiving images, documents, and SR objects.

  • Study routing rules tailored to fit your schedule
  • Enables radiologists to diagnose more accurately via automatic field mapping and auto prior exam retrieval
  • Improves patient care and reduces turnaround times

Purchase Options that Work for You

We offer a number of purchase options, so you can increase efficiency, optimize radiology workflow, and improve patient care on a budget that suits your facility needs.

  • Cloud (rent or purchase)

  • Software and hardware turnkey solutions

  • Software only purchase


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This dedicated mammography workstation increases productivity and maximizes resources, while supplying key features, which are imperative to meeting both present and future challenges within a medical imaging facility. It’s also available in a version without mammo specific technology to meet individual facility needs.

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*DICOM is the registered trademark of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association for its standards publications relating to digital communications of medical information.