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Authorizations & Patient Collections

Maximize Revenue, Streamline Processes, & Improve Patient Care

Streamline Authorizations & Patient Collections

PowerServer™ RIS/PACS and PowerServer™ TELE PLUS integrate with Availity Patient Access and Authorizations* to automate authorization and upfront patient collections. These solutions work to lower administrative overhead, maximize yield, and eliminate manual and redundant processes.

*Only available in the US.

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Increase Revenue

Maximize Upfront Patient Collections

  • Delivers real-time, responsive communication prompts that guide staff through payment scenarios with customized scripting

  • Provides up-to-date coverage and benefit information and cost estimates so you can collect co-pays

  • Verifies critical billing information, using only the patient’s name and address

  • Accepts payments via cash, check, and credit or debit card

  • Determines the need for financial assistance based on federal poverty guidelines in conjunction with the patient’s income information

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Streamline Your Authorization Process

Automate Authorizations

  • Automates the three parts of the prior authorization process:

    • Determine whether the procedure requires prior authorization

    • Submit the prior authorization to the correct payer

    • Obtain the prior authorization status

  • Reduces time-consuming communication with the payer

  • Delivers fast and accurate results

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