Which PACS software is right for you? Learn the differences between PowerServer PACS and LITE PACS.

PowerServer™ PACS vs. LITE PACS: What’s Right for Me?

While they’re both PACS software, there are some key differences between the PowerServer™ PACS and PowerServer™ LITE PACS. Being aware of them should guide you on which solution makes the most sense for your practice. Curious to see which PACS system would be the better fit for your team? Keep on reading to find out.

PowerServer™ PACS

The PowerServer™ PACS is ideal for imaging facilities of any size and with any number of locations. With this PACS software, radiologists can read, dictate, diagnose and report in just one application. Depending on your preferences and business needs, this advanced PACS software is available on cloud or on-premises.

Healthcare facilities around the globe choose the PowerServer™ PACS for several reasons. Here are some of the factors that make this flexible system a top choice:

1. Unlimited hanging protocols and templates
You can create as many hanging protocols and templates as you’d like to view your images exactly the way you want. This saves time that’s usually spent on directly displaying images each time you need to view them.

2. Unlimited concurrent users
Our entire range of PowerServer™ products is built on a single database, which allows us to cut the extra cost of multiple user licenses that many other vendors typically require. This means you can enjoy the freedom of having unlimited licenses for users, modalities, and facilities.

3. Customizable workflow
With a fully configurable worklist model based on roles and statuses, your staff can stay focused and view tasks that pertain only to them – this greatly increases workflow efficiency. The PowerServer™ PACS can integrate with any HIS, EMR or billing provider you use – no matter how you prefer to work, this PACS can be tailored to your facility’s unique requirements.

A PACS software that is easy to navigate saves time on training. All PowerServer products are built on a single database. If you upgrade from a PowerServer LITE PACS to a PowerServer PACS, the look and feel of the system will be exactly the same.

4. Ease of use
The PowerServer™ PACS has a simple interface that is easy to navigate. As mentioned earlier, our PowerServer™ products are all built on a single database. That means if you choose to upgrade from a PowerServer™ LITE PACS to a PowerServer™ PACS, there’ll be no need for retraining staff. The look and feel of the system will be exactly the same – this saves much valuable time and money associated with scaling up systems as your business grows.

5. RapidResults™
This zero-footprint clinical image and report viewer is popular among referring physicians for good reason. Referring physicians can easily access images and reports from their smartphones, tablets or desktops from anywhere at any time. With RapidResults™, physicians can also request appointments quickly and maintain communication with radiologists. Since it’s highly convenient and simple to use, imaging facilities have adapted RapidResults™ as a marketing tool to help increase referrals.

6. Business intelligence tool
RamSoft’s business intelligence tool is especially useful for a practice that has multiple locations. By using it, you can make data-informed business decisions and generate reports on-demand. It allows you to pinpoint your practice’s strengths, as well as any workflow inefficiencies.

PowerServer™ LITE PACS

Just like the PowerServer™ PACS, LITE PACS provides radiologists access to full reading and reporting features. It’s also available on the cloud or on-premise. LITE PACS is ideal for small to medium-sized imaging facilities as it provides a wide range of features at an accessible price point.

Start-ups and small but growing imaging facilities are particularly drawn to LITE PACS for these standout reasons:

1. Built-in reporting features
LITE PACS comes with built-in reporting features, which is a great bonus for smaller facilities where budget can often play a big factor in the PACS vendor they choose. RamSoft’s LITE PACS does not require a RIS for radiologist interpretation – for budget-conscious facilities, this is a very attractive feature.

RamSoft's PowerServer LITE PACS includes RapidResults. This zero-footprint viewer lets referring physicians view images and reports on-the-go.

2. RapidResults™
Generating more patient referrals is important, especially for growing practices. RapidResults™ was developed to strengthen business partnerships between referring physicians and radiologists. Not only does this feature allow physicians to view images and reports on-the-go, it also promotes faster turnaround time on results and communication. For practices that are aiming for more referrals, RapidResults™ serves as a great marketing tool for both parties.

3. Basic Reports
Although LITE PACS does not include the Business Analytics and Reporting module, basic reports can be generated straight from PACS. These reports provide facilities useful information on key metrics such as:

· The number of radiologist reads each month
· The number of studies read by modality
· The top referring physician
· The type of studies those physicians are referring for imaging

These reports are also exportable and can be used to track your facility’s growth and identify trends.

Improve your workflow with RamSoft’s PACS software

The PowerServer™ PACS and PowerServer™ LITE PACS are both imaging solutions brimming with useful features and tools that are designed to promote a smoother and more efficient workflow. This helps to free up more time for your team to focus on tasks that really matter – like imaging and caring for your patients.

Want to know even more about these imaging solutions? Learn more in our brochures.

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