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We get it — you need more than a PACS solution.

Even with today’s best PACS system, delivering faster, empowered care
remains problematic. Many PACS software solutions offered by top PACS vendors struggle with:

Limitations with Interoperability icon

Limitations with interoperability

Data Migration Difficulties icon

Data migration difficulties

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Single point of integration issues

Today’s patients need more and deserve better…with ultra-modern PACS healthcare!

Your ideal PACS solution must excel where your patients’ health and your organization’s productivity are concerned! You need a PACS software with: 

Introducing OmegaAI:
The World’s First Imaging EMR

RamSoft makes replacing your existing PACS software a breeze with a PACS Viewer built into RamSoft’s pioneering cloud-native, serverless platform, OmegaAI.  

OmegaAI is a single app that connects systems, practices, physicians, and patients for access to complete medical imaging records. Expandable and future-ready, OmegaAI is tailored to assist healthcare enterprises in delivering faster, empowered care.  

OmegaAI works to provide:

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Drive sustainable ROI

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Increase referrals

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Improve patient outcomes

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Boost efficiency & productivity

Features Beyond Compare

OmegaAI is a cutting-edge platform equipped with dynamic features to transform any PACS medical imaging ecosystem. 

Image Exchange icon

Simplified Image Exchange/Sharing

Unified Worklist icon

Unified Worklist

Zero Footprint Viewer icon

Zero-footprint (ZFP) Viewer

Routing & Storage icon

Routing & Storage

Document Management icon


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Patient Portal

Automated Front Desk icon

Automated Front Desk

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Real-time Business Intelligence & Analytics

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Radiology Reporting

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Automated Workflows

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Collaborative Tools

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Peer Review

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Vendor App Marketplace

Align with Global Security & Performance Standards

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Frequently Asked Questions

Essential for medical practices, Imaging EMRs – are designed specifically to combine formally separate systems (medical PACS, EMR/EHRs, RIS, HIS, VNAs) into one system that will sit in the center of a healthcare organization or ecosystem providing instant access to medical data to patients and providers.  

OmegaAI, RamSoft’s pioneering Imaging EMR solution, is designed to eliminate PACS imaging roadblocks to faster, empowered care and democratized healthcare.

The key issues of PACS software include an inability for single-point integration, difficulties with data migration, and limitations with vendor-neutral interoperability and connectivity with any other PACS hospital information system 

Purpose-built for comprehensive PACS system and data consolidation, RamSoft’s OmegaAI offers seamless interoperability and connectivity across PACS system vendors as well as a single point of access for healthcare providers. Plus, the added value of implementing an Imaging EMR solution like OmegaAI is there is no longer a need to migrate data! 

An Imaging EMR consolidates various practices and systems, including your organization’s radiology PACS system, to connect patients and doctors for access to complete medical imaging records.  
RamSoft’s Imaging EMR platform, OmegaAI, is cloud-native and serverless which makes for an exceptionally seamless integration experience. Additionally, RamSoft successfully received its annual SOC 2 Type II and HIPAA attestations, which included OmegaAI. As OmegaAI promotes FHIR standards, users have safe, secure access to comprehensive patient records. 

The benefits of consolidating your organization’s PACS imaging system with an Imaging EMR are substantial: Sustainable ROI, improved patient care, increased referrals, and optimal productivity are some of the top ways implementing an Imaging EMR can mobilize faster, empowered care. 

RamSoft’s OmegaAI, the world’s first Imaging EMR, can provide all these benefits and more from Day One of activation