Omega AI Platform for healthcare

New Cloud Enterprise Imaging Platform Set to Transform Patient Care

TORONTO, ON – RamSoft is excited to announce the launch of Omega AI, its cloud-native enterprise imaging platform. As RamSoft has been delivering medical imaging software solutions for 27 years, the healthcare IT company thoroughly understands the challenges the healthcare industry faces: data silos and technological barriers, which result in inefficient workflows and delayed patient care. With these challenges in mind, RamSoft built Omega AI from the ground up to enable interoperability across enterprises, along with the goal of helping providers deliver superior patient care.

As a cloud-native platform built on Microsoft Azure, Omega AI is readily scalable and promotes rapid deployment of applications. This allows organizations to use Omega AI to create their own apps or incorporate its capabilities into their existing apps. Most importantly, the platform was designed to enable the seamless exchange of images and data between healthcare organizations. “Omega AI will eliminate delays, reduce cost, reduce repeat exams, improve security, and, most importantly, improve patient care. It will take imaging into the cloud era where images and results can easily be shared and made available anywhere,” said Vijay Ramanathan, President and CEO of RamSoft.

The platform also supports FHIR and DICOMweb, the latest standards that drive healthcare innovation and foster an app ecosystem. Omega AI’s architecture will provide users with enhanced security, increased patient data access, and lower operation costs. “Omega AI leverages Azure serverless components as part of its core architecture. This allows each component of the architecture to scale independently based on demand, allowing for a flexible architecture and significant cost savings,” said Siva Ramanathan, CTO of RamSoft.

The first product of Omega AI will allow organizations the flexibility to retain their existing image management systems and add new ones with ease. “Organizations will be able to leverage artificial intelligence and connect and share patient data seamlessly. We will be showcasing our product at HIMSS21 in August, so attendees can visit our booth and meet us for a first look,” said Vijay Ramanathan.


About RamSoft

RamSoft is a leading healthcare IT software and services company that is dedicated to creating and delivering award-winning medical imaging and radiology solutions to its clients in the U.S. and around the world. RamSoft offers cloud RIS, PACS, VNA, zero-footprint viewer, DICOM routing and teleradiology software, enabling practices to leverage the latest technology while eliminating capital costs. Built using cutting-edge, single database technology, our radiology, mammography, and enterprise imaging software enables practices to optimize their workflow, cut costs, and overall, improve patient care.

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