5 Must-See Products Showcased at RSNA 2016

by Innovators in Web Radiology, RamSoft Inc.


Toronto, ON—December 15, 2016—With over 22 years of experience in web radiology, RamSoft makes it a point to continuously develop and improve new and existing products to meet with the ever-changing needs that the medical imaging industry demands. Based on customer input, industry demand, and years of expertise, here are 5 must-see products showcased at RSNA 2016 by RamSoft Inc.

1. Single Database, PowerServer™ RIS/PACS

For facilities frustrated by disparate systems, RamSoft’s single database, PowerServer™ RIS/PACS was of peak interest at RSNA 2016. Not only does it reduce manual data entry, increase consistency, and optimize radiology workflow, but it also allows for 1-click EMR integration, offers unlimited users, modalities, and facilities, and is equipped with business reporting and analytics.

2. Peer Review

Peer Review was a favorite of many at RSNA 2016. It simplifies the review process by enabling radiologists interpreting a current study to easily score a relevant prior report and automatically submit it to their existing ACR RADPEER account. This workflow helps to satisfy ACR, JCAHO, and CMS quality assurance accreditation requirements, while also providing an unbiased review process for radiologists.

3. CT Dose Module

Through real-time radiation dose tracking, analytics, and reporting, this solution enables you to comply with Joint Commission requirements, evaluate usage protocols, compare rates against national averages, supply patients with easy-to-understand printouts, and more. RamSoft’s CT Dose Module is an absolute must to comply with current and future CT Dose regulations, as well as to improve patient care.

4. DICOM MP4 Video

This feature automatically converts MP4 videos to DICOM format when uploading them to RamSoft’s PowerReader. The addition of DICOM MP4 Video marks RamSoft’s ability and flexibility to archive all file formats.

5. Remote Rendering

Much like an online webinar, RamSoft’s Remote Rendering solution enables you to stream images. This process eliminates the need to download mass amounts of data to your computer, while significantly improving efficiency and reducing the response time from click to display.

“When I asked people what brought them to our booth at RSNA, the overwhelming response was that RamSoft is progressibely innovative and they’ve heard a lot of great things about us,” says RamSoft’s Sales Director, Al Kappel.

About RamSoft

RamSoft is a leading healthcare IT software and services company, dedicated to creating and delivering award-winning medical imaging and radiology solutions. We develop fully customizable, feature-rich imaging workflow solutions for healthcare providers, enabling them to master day-to-day challenges.




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