How You Can Increase Patient Referrals with ContactMyDoc

To increase patient referrals, imaging centers need to be on the cutting edge of technology with the latest modalities and patient engagement tools, so patients can schedule appointments and receive appointment reminders. Imagine if your patients had access to a secure smartphone app that could:


  1. Schedule their exams online 24/7
  2. Receive appointment reminders
  3. Effortlessly add the appointments to their calendars
  4. Call your office with one click
  5. Receive special instructions for their exam
  6. Allow your center to send the patient for referral
  7. Obtain the report all in one place

Wouldn’t it be great? And, what if this all-inclusive website and app also catered to your referrers in the same way they do for your patients? Wouldn’t that be bliss? Well, thanks to ContactMyDoc (CMD) your referrers and patients can have bliss, at least in the healthcare world.

CMD is comprised of talented individuals that come from a variety of technology leaders, from Apple to Priceline to Hewlett Packard. Having such resources lets one rest assured that CMD will put any imaging center on the cutting edge of technology.

Not everyone can make a call during business hours. That’s why CMD enables patients and referrers to schedule appointments online, 24/7, where the info is inserted directly into RamSoft’s PowerServer™ RIS/PACS. This takes a huge load off of the imaging centers’ scheduling departments and allows those resources to be allocated for other tasks such as patient intake and eligibility verification. However, some centers aren’t comfortable allowing appointments to be inserted directly into their RIS/EMR from an external source and this is fine, as these centers can still take advantage of the appointment reminders that CMD offers. When the center’s staff schedules the appointment in their RIS/EMR, the appointment info is sent to CMD.

On the CMD website, imaging facilities can setup what kind of reminders they want sent, the times reminders are allowed to be sent (so they’re not going out in the middle of the night, but are queuing up ready to send during the allowed times), and customize the messages that are sent to patients. Once patients receive the reminder via voice, text, or by using the CMD app, they can confirm the appointment, which then updates the confirmation status in RamSoft’s PowerServer™ RIS/PACS. Patients can also easily reschedule by calling the imaging center with a single click when using the app or by calling the number of the imaging facility included in the text.

CMD also allows your patients and referrers two way communication with your imaging center in both CMD Patient Engagement and CMD Referral Management. Communication is key when treating patients and being able to give them secure access to exam instructions, earlier appointment times, and their diagnostic reports is invaluable and shows you care about the patient as a person and not just as a body filling an empty timeslot. Through CMD Referral Management, you can easily and securely transfer documents, chat, and schedule appointments with your referring doctor network to provide optimal patient care.

So go on, take the leap to becoming an industry leader in the imaging world by automating scheduling and appointment reminders, so you can utilize your staff to handle the increased patient volume from your reduced “no shows” and filling up your schedule.

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