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Impressed with RamSoft’s Diagnostic Tools, Busch Center Upgrades Their PACS

ALPHARETTA, GA – Georgia’s renowned prostate cancer screening center now reads patient studies from across the globe on RamSoft’s PowerServer™ PACS.

Busch Center is setting the standard of care for prostate cancer screenings and diagnoses in the United States. Patients from across the country and around the globe come to Busch Center’s state-of-the-art facility in Alpharetta, Georgia, for its accurate diagnosis, personalized care, and compassionate team.

Last year, Busch Center upgraded its existing imaging solution to RamSoft’s PowerServer™ PACS because of its intuitive diagnostic tools, user-friendly interface, and cost-effectiveness. Dr. Joseph Busch, Busch Center’s founder, and oncological radiologist remarked that the system was set up efficiently to read studies at the center as well as from other locations across the globe. “RamSoft’s diagnostic tools are extremely user-friendly and offer a great image viewing and manipulation experience for radiologists.” – Dr. Joseph Busch, Busch Center’s Oncological Radiologist.

Dr. Busch, also known as the ‘visible’ radiologist at the center, believes in patient empowerment and spends time with each of his patients post their MRI reviewing the results and answering all their questions. “Seeing their study helps patients better understand their diagnosis. The way reports are set up on RamSoft’s PACS makes it easy and convenient to explain the diagnosis to patients,” said Dr. Busch.

RamSoft’s imaging workflow solutions are designed to improve productivity and facilitate better patient outcomes. “We’re improving patient lives through our customers. That drives us to innovate and improve our solutions.” – Greg Smith, RamSoft’s Sales Manager.


About RamSoft

RamSoft offers the leading Cloud RIS/PACS, PACS, VNA, Zero-Footprint Viewer, DICOM Routing and Teleradiology software, enabling you to leverage the latest technology, while eliminating capital costs. Built using cutting-edge, single database technology, our radiology, mammography, and enterprise imaging software enables practices to optimize their workflow, cut costs, and overall, improve patient care.

About Busch Center

Based in Alpharetta, Georgia, patients come to Busch Center from across the country and around the globe because of their high standards, personalized care, compassionate team, high-tech equipment, and state-of-the-art facilities. Busch Center’s team understands that every patient’s situation is different and – regardless of their specific circumstances – being diagnosed with prostate cancer is overwhelming and scary. Dr. Busch and his team talk to patients, answer their questions, review their scans, provide test results during the office visit, explain every procedure, and provide personalized recommendations for care plans based on evidence-based medicine. Busch Center draws on the experience and methodologies used in Europe, where guidelines are different (and better) than they are in the US. Busch Center is setting a new (higher) standard of care for prostate cancer screenings and treatments, and their patients experience better outcomes.

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