How mammography practices benefit enormously with the right software

How Mammography Practices Benefit Enormously From Using The Right Software

To embody the patient-centric approach to care, it’s vital to have easy access to a patient’s complete medical record. However, working with disparate RIS, PACS, EMR, and HIS can make finding the necessary data time-consuming.

In fact, a significant portion of the information collected in imaging diagnostics remains unused because it is stored in different formats and at different locations. Experts estimate that hundreds of billions of overhead dollars in the U.S. healthcare industry could be saved by using this data efficiently.

Some facilities that offer mammography services – such as hospitals, women’s clinics, and breast imaging facilities – are no strangers to data silos. Some may have to use a separate mammography software that requires an HL7 interface for connectivity as their PACS solution doesn’t include a mammography tracking option.

The good news is that there’s no reason to stick with a disjointed workflow – especially when there are RIS/PACS solutions that include mammography features and tools housed within a single database environment.

A better way to work and reduce costs

Choosing a RIS/PACS that includes a mammography toolset is more economical and efficient than managing and paying for multiple systems. All of RamSoft’s PowerServer™ products with mammography interpretation include convenient functionality and tools to interpret mammograms. Here’s a snapshot of some of them:

1. Tomosynthesis
Our tomosynthesis support offers convenient features like image navigation, an adjustable Cine loop speed tool, and applying area enhancement to the volume while in Cine mode.

2. Step Protocols
With our hanging protocols, radiologists can review cases quickly. Single click protocol navigation, multi-year display protocols and multi-modality protocol support allow radiologists to view images exactly the way they prefer.

3. Historical Priors Simultaneous View
Our multi-year display protocol allows radiologists to see the corresponding view across several years of priors all at once.

4. Single Click Prior Study Viewing
Display prior exams automatically per hanging protocol preference. Single click cycle display of comparisons offers a more efficient way to review patient priors.

Woman reading a study with mammography software

Make mammography tracking easier

Stana™ is a mammography tracking software that’s available as an add-on for PowerServer™ RIS/PACS and PowerServer™ TELE PLUS. With Stana™, you’ll cut interface and support costs that are usually associated with third-party mammography tracking software.

On top of being a cost-effective solution, Stana™ offers plenty of features so your team can work more efficiently:

1. Interactive Breast Diagram
Technologists can note breast concerns and markers with our built-in interactive breast diagram. They’re also able to add clinical notes or comments for the radiologist to view while interpreting an exam.

2. Automated Data Capture BI-RADS Tracking
Capture BI-RADS, breast density, and recommendations through template pick lists or voice recognition commands.

3. Mammography Reporting Templates
Built-in report templates eliminate the need for radiologists to search for and insert report macros. Templates open automatically on the modality or study level.

4. BI-RADS 0 Automatic Follow-up Scheduling Placeholder
Studies with BI-RADS 0 create a placeholder follow-up order that schedulers can convert to the study recommended by the radiologist.

5. Sequestering of BI-RADS 0,4 and 5 Studies
The system will sequester studies that require additional actions so technologists can clearly see which patients remain outstanding to ensure appropriate follow up.

6. Automatic Patient Lay Letters & Reminder Letter Creation
Communicate important information and save much needed time by automatically generating patient reminder letters and patient lay letters.

7. Built-in MQSA Reports
With reports already built in the system to satisfy MQSA auditing, simply export the reports when your audit is due.

It’s a cinch to implement a simple workflow and gain greater efficiency for your patients and your practice with RamSoft’s PowerServer™ solutions.

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