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‘How are RamSoft’s Solutions Aiding the Fight Against COVID-19?’

In the wake of the recent pandemic that is challenging the healthcare industry as a whole, RamSoft was approached by a research company asking how our products are being used in the fight against COVID-19. Here’s what Vijay Ramanathan – CEO and Founder – responded:

Data accessibility is the key benefit of RamSoft’s PowerServer™ RIS/PACS cloud which makes it easy for the radiologist and referring physician to collaborate on patient diagnosis – we are deploying this remotely for COVID-19 testing in Honduras and are able to deliver cloud solutions ASAP to support COVID-19 testing. Our zero-download viewer allows referrers to view patient images in real-time. Moreover, our streamlined workflow engine helps reduce turnaround time for referring physicians. This shortens the response time to treat patients.

Being a responsible solution provider, RamSoft is focused on making connected healthcare achievable through interoperability. We embrace both EMR integration and open access to imaging data for improved healthcare outcomes.

We also offer time-saving add-on apps:

  • Secure Messaging: The advantage of having this secure messaging feature integrated into our RIS/PACS is that if a radiologist notices something critical about a patient’s case, he/she can send a secure message directly to the referring physician. Video consults with the patient are also possible – very useful during the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Automated appointment scheduling and reminders*: You can free your clerical staff from confirming appointments. Allow your patients to be notified when their appointment is made via their choice of text, robocall, email or all three. Once notified, your patients will have the ability to confirm or cancel their appointments.
  • Patient portal for quick sharing of reports: A secure, online platform that allows providers to share imaging reports directly with patients. Once patients receive access to their records, they can securely share it with other physicians in its original diagnostic quality.

*Available for U.S. customers only

Also, if you need any of our hosted imaging solutions during the current crisis, we can work with you remotely to implement cloud solutions ASAP.

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