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RamSoft’s Mini PACS Mammo Viewer

A complete diagnostic viewer with all the tools you need

The purchase of a new PACS that includes mammography viewing capabilities can be costly.

Whether you’re a small healthcare facility or an extensive healthcare network in the community, you desire a PACS that will provide you with the right tools to work seamlessly and efficiently. Quality care for patients, competitive pricing, FDA cleared and HIPAA compliance are also key points to consider.  In addition to these considerations is turnaround time. Most mammography imaging centers desire fast and accurate results for their patients.  So, what type of system can fit all these requirements for a smaller facility performing mammography?

RamSoft Gateway™Mammo Viewer Mini PACS.

RamSoft’s Gateway Viewer™ Mini-PACS with Mammo is utilized as a stand-alone viewer. It has the ability to store information both offline or online and can be configured to route images securely to another system.

The Mammo Viewer Mini-PACS is FDA 510(k) cleared and IHE mammography profile compliant. It also comes equipped with iCAD and Hologic CAD support.  This sophisticated mini system can pack a big punch for you and your patients!

Included in the mini-PACS viewer, you find all the same features you expect to find in a dedicated mammography workstation, but with the flexibility of a multi-modality radiology workstation.  The Gateway™ Mammo Viewer Mini PACS allows for unlimited studies, and facilities. This means more flexibility for your staff and more time for what matters most = patient care.

The revolutionary Gateway™ DICOM router is included, which enables radiologists to diagnose more accurately via automatic field mapping and prior exam retrieval.  It also has been proven to aid workflow and improve turnaround times.

When it comes to smaller budgets the RamSoft Gateway™ Mammo Viewer Mini-PACS is more affordable than any other web-based PACS on the market.

The system is available as a stand-alone, software-only solution, or bundled with three or four monitor workstations. You can have a complete workstation up and running at your site for under $20k – saving you time and much money!

Gateway Mammo Viewer Comparison Chart

Overall, we promise you will find our RamSoft Gateway™ Mammo Viewer Mini-PACS offers imaging centers looking to stretch their budget – a way to increase productivity and maximize their resources.  Our mini-PACS is not only beneficial to mammography and women’s imaging centers, but to all types of practices seeking to immediately benefit their patients by introducing a comprehensive image management platform while lowering upfront costs and ultimately enhancing productivity. Your purchase of the Gateway™ Mammo Viewer Mini-PACS includes live support and training.  RamSoft offers interactive support via webinars and an extensive e-learning library.

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