The Future of Radiology Insurance Eligibility and Preauthorization is Here

The time and effort it takes to comply with insurance preauthorization have become such a daunting task that some practices opt to add an authorization department to their facility. If only they knew that with today’s technology, radiology practices can now automate their insurance authorization process. Automating this process reduces the time it takes to obtain preauthorization from days to hours, and in some cases, even minutes. Not to mention the serious benefits your patients and referrers will reap from the amount of time saved. Below are a few more benefits that come with automating your radiology insurance eligibility and preauthorization process:

Staff Benefit
Automating your insurance authorization process will save your staff time and increase efficiency within your facility. These time savings will allow your staff to process authorizations quicker, which could result in higher patient volumes and increased revenue for your imaging facility.

Patient Benefits
Not only will your staff benefit from automating your insurance authorization process, but your patients will as well. Your time savings, translate into their time savings by ultimately reducing their wait time for exams. Reducing each patient’s wait time for an exam speeds up their treatment process because it enables your staff to provide a faster turnaround time for their diagnosis. The end result will be an increase in customer satisfaction for your imaging facility.

Referrer Benefits
Using this revolutionary authorization process will also help to reduce the burden on your referrers. This is accomplished by eliminating phone calls and faxes to insurance companies. Referrers will also be able to get their patients’ exams scheduled in a much timelier manner. This rapid authorization process simply enables your referring physicians to obtain a diagnosis for their patients faster.

Automating your insurance eligibility and preauthorization process will provide an excellent return on investment for your practice. The significant time savings for your staff coupled with a reduction in denials will help you reap great financial dividends. Automation will become the standard for most radiology departments in the very near future. You’ll see more and more radiology information system vendors integrate automated insurance eligibility and preauthorization into their software offerings.

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