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Voice Recognition That Delivers Seamless Dictation

PowerServer Speech Understanding™

RamSoft and M*Modal have partnered to offer PowerServer Speech Understanding™, a seamless, powerful embedded speech recognition module that offers an unparalleled user experience for radiologists. It significantly improves workflow and productivity, while dramatically reducing overhead and report turnaround times.

  • Manipulate images, while dictating into report templates

  • Read and report from anywhere with roaming user profiles

  • Automate tasks with customizable voice enabled commands

  • Learns and adapts to user behavior to continually improve understanding of clinical speech

  • Flexible, cloud-based solution that fits radiology groups of any size

  • Automatic management and synchronization of user and group profiles

  • Auto-launches within PowerReader

  • Navigate through variables via voice commands and/or hot keys


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Our Other Voice Recognition Integrations

RamSoft integrates with a selection of voice recognition tools for seamless dictation: PowerServer Speech Understanding™, Dragon Medical, and PowerScribe 360 Reporting.

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Seamless Voice Recognition